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Part 8

Arr! We set sail in search of the bullion-carrying ship but it had vanished, nowhere to be found! Not about to be made fools, the crew decided upon a new target.

[In one of the few rare cases, the X is not us. The dot just below it is.]

Har! He was a shot north of us! The men readied the cannons and our position was adjusted for us to head north.

However, as always, all Spanish and English ships along the way exist solely to be plundered!

[I'm attempting to streamline the ship process since you guys have seen all types of Ship Deaths by now. Plus, all that matters in the end is how much our money increases. Also, I end up sinking this ship for the next fight as to have more crew members.]

And up north we spied the man we were looking for, Roc Brasiliano in his royal sloop!

After a short staring match, swords were swung with intention to slice the other's neck.

And thus was the end of the old sailor Roc Brasiliano!

[Gold! Finally, a decent source. Also, the royal sloop is a good ship, so I'm taking it along with me.

On another note, let's talk about Roc for a bit. We don't know his real name, but at the time, he was known as Roche Braziliano, which translates to Rock the Brazilian. He is Dutch, mainly hunted Spanish, and is perhaps one of the cruelest pirates to sail the sea. He often torched his prisoners, killed anyone who didn't drink with him, and would cut off the arms of various captives. He eventually disappeared around 1671. You know what he looked like?

Good to know Sid was faithful with the design.]

Just as with Jack, I decided to visit Roc's haven, Tom's Rest.

Baron Raymondo was still on the move, now heading to Santo Domingo.

As promised to my commanders, I was going to obtain new ships for them once we had the money to keep the lot happy. Commander Dini was the first to receive a new ship.

[At this point, Waffle broke down and wouldn't accept anymore images. Back to FileSmelt.]

I decided to raid a few ships along the way for gold.

A small amount though worthy for a ship such as that. More gold in the pot.

Just before docking in Tortuga, the crew alerted me to the presence of two Spanish ships! Now it wouldn't be a grand day of piracy without taking a Spaniard's loot, would it? Har har!

A small amount of gold, though better than most escort ships.

A great amount of gold! The Spanish came through once again with our great reward of gold bullion!

Combined, both ships were worth the effort it took to take them over. Yet more gold, and still an unhappy crew.

Regardless of the crew's happiness, I decided to pay the governor of Tortuga a visit.

No hard feelings I suppose. That's a step in the right direction.

The man even promoted me!

Twice! He even gave me 850 acres of land, he did!

His daughter popped into the room. She asked for a dance.

I had a date elsewhere. She was not convinced.

[I really dislike the dancing game. I'm absolutely terrible at it. I'd rather not dance even if I've got Wit & Charm until I pick up a few items that help with dancing, like this.]

Yet more information on Baron Raymondo, and he was in an area that would be beneficial to seek out!

Captain's Log

August 1603: Captured an English large merchantman.
September 1603: France no longer at war with Spain. Captured a pirate royal sloop. Defeated notorious pirate Roc Brasiliano.
October 1603: Holland at war with England.
November 1603: Captured pirate raiders.
December 1603: Captured Spanish trade galleon. Visited the town of Tortuga. Promoted to French Captain. Promoted to French Major. Met governor of Tortuga's daughter. Acquired calfskin boots. Baron Raymondo seen in Santo Domingo.

The Choice

Today's choice brought to you by They Might Be Pirates, with such grating hits as I've Lost My Lucky Cannonball and The Governor Got Me High.

Well, guys, it looks like we're going to Santo Domingo one way or the other, so decide!

1. Search out Baron Raymondo in Santo Domingo
2. Search for Roc's treasure around Santo Domingo
3. Bomb Santo Domingo
4. Grind for gold around Santo Domingo

[Song contest extended until Sunday as I neglected to realize how busy some people are around this time of year.]