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Part 24: Update XXII - Goondalf the G(reat)

Part XXII - Goondalf the G(reat)

This time, we will finish Chapter Three! Let's start by taking care of a few things remaining in Avalon.


First, filling Roth in on some of the deets.

I met Baron Hartley, the leader of the advanced scouting group ahead of Vortigerm's army.

Ah, then it seems that Byron has been sent just in time. Did you happen to ask how far ahead of Vortigerm's forces the scouts were?

Baron Hartley says he is but three or four days ahead.

Just in time, indeed. Thank you for the information.

You're welcome, Sir Roth. Farewell.

Ass-kissing complete, we can also turn in these reports hogging space in our inventory.

Yes, I have them here...

Sir Mabon: Ah, good. Here. [He takes the reports, begins to read one, then looks up at you with a start.] How rude of me. You've my gratitude for your help. Do you have any questions? I'd help you if I had the time, but...

Perhaps later, Sir Mabon. I'll leave you to your work.

It's nice to be appreciated.

When we leave the meeting room, we suddenly stop moving and someone approaches us to talk.

Ah, a man trying to beat Goondalf at his own game!

It is rumored that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Sir Fagen: I also heard garlic promotes good health, mm... But there's little of that these days. Little of anything to season it with, either.

Yyyah... Is there... something I can help you with?

Sir Fagen: I apologize. I just wanted to talk to the budding young hero people have been speaking about, and ask him what's next on his growing list of accomplishments. Your story is an entertaining one, and I'm tired of hearing it from other people. I figure they always get something wrong, you know?

Ask your questions, but please be brief. I have tasks to attend to.

Surely we can trust someone who admires Goondalf this much with the details.

Sir Roth has entrusted me to bring a communication vital to Avalon's reinforcements to an outpost, where it shall be delivered.

It's a letter to King Vortigerm. Its contents are, and shall remain, a mystery to me.

Sir Fagen: I know how that goes, yes indeed. Well, thanks for the info. At least I'll have something new to bring up for discussion around our usual chunk of mystery meat and shrunken vegetable fare.

You're welcome, Sir Fagen. Farewell.

With another young protege acquired, let's move on and check on some of our other ones.

"Cupfinder?" Is that how I am known among the soldiers?

Grimbold: Among other things, like Lich Destroyer and Traitor Trasher...

[groan] You can't be serious.

Grimbold: Nah, I'm not. Those are just my names for you.

Thank the good spirits. Stay safe, soldier.

You know, Neese, I'm getting better myself... Perhaps you should do it soon, before I become invincible.

Neese: Invincible? Truly you can't have THAT bloated an ego! Your achievements hardly merit the title of DEITY!

Deities aren't invincible, Neese, merely immortal. Despite what you may think, a man can become immortal.

Neese: You believe a place in history is the same as immortalization?

Yes, and I've already got someone who wants to chronicle my deeds.

Neese: Someone's going to write about you? What an honor. Unless, of course, it's that dreamer Tristan.

What's your damage with Tristan?

Neese: Just that, he's a worthless dreamer.

He's a BARD, it comes with the territory. Dreamers are not worthless, Neese. We all have dreams. Farewell.

Clearly still some work to do on this one, but our apprentices are coming along nicely overall.

At once!

Gasp! Back to the outpost to finish this!

Oh hello, fellows! Come to join me on my quest? ...Why are you looking at me like that?

Yep, these guys attack us. At least the traitors finally learned their lesson about attacking us alone. It's still not enough though.

This is some rather suspicious timing, come to think of it. This fight does not occur if we don't tell Sir Fagen anything about our mission.

I apologize if I have startled you, Sir Fagen. As a matter of fact, I was beset upon by a group of thugs who wanted my blood.

Sir Fagen: Oh, it... It wasn't that, I've just... Got something on my mind now. As for the "thugs" you mentioned... I suppose that's the price of fame in a hotbed of traitors! Oh, don't look so shocked, news travels, despite what the cream of the command may think. Don't worry. We're all watching ourselves around here.

I was surprised at your use of "fame," that's all.

Sir Fagen: Oh, well, I guess I could have said infamy. I suppose infamy is to good folk what fame is to evil, right? Hey, that's pretty clever! I've got to remember to write that one down...

You go do that, Sir Fagen. Farewell.

Whatever's going on, not even our 30 Perception and Charm is enough to see through it. Hmm :thunk:

Okay, NOW back to the outpost. Hopefully our loose lips haven't sunk this ship entirely.

I was told you urgently needed my assistance...

Yes, a disconcerting number of Ahoul have arrived recently. They're bustling around that camp you cleared out earlier...

Pardon my abruptness, but I must discover what is happening immediately!

This is it, the final showdown of Chapter Three. Just our party versus a shit ton of Sha'ahoul in Forest 8. Gotta put on every buff we know.

Since they have both Casters and Archers.

The Casters, as always, love using Hold. But at least we're not fighting alone, the human scouts from before are fighting them too!

It really sucks not being able to avoid arrows.

We run to try to put some trees between us and the archers, but everyone dies anyway.

After the reload, we try picking some off with some sniped Fireballs. Unlike in Chapter One, it actually works now.

I think we may have killed two of the human scouts who were on our side too though. Whoopsie!

But the Baron with his rose shield of Taberland is invincible, even against the Flames of G. The only reason we can't have him solo the battle is that it doesn't technically start until we come in range of the Sha'ahoul, which makes them target us anyway. Plus he doesn't do much damage.

One of the scouts survived! I guess I could reload to make sure the other two survive, but considering this is one of the few attempts where Phelic's Apprentice and/or Wyatt and/or Goondalf didn't die, f that.

Sorry friend.

Hey, you're not... using these anymore, right? Right. It's just that our friend Wyatt has a pair of these but he refuses to ever take them off, so we'd like some of our own. Thanks.

Probably looking for the outpost like all the others.

Newman: Won't they know where we are, now?

It's best not to think about that at this moment, soldier. Pardon me.

What are you implying, good Sir Hartley?

Sir Hartley: That was surely not their camp. I believe they have come to... "investigate" the disappearance of their fellows. The smallest of imaginations can contrive of what may happen next...

I suppose we can hope that King Vortigerm arrives before word is spread of the latest group's disappearance.

Sir Hartley: Indeed, we cannot surely know how far this clutch of Sha'ahoul was from the nearest possible reinforcement... I think it best that I stay in this area; doubtless Captain Holden must hear of this, he will want to put his men on alert.

I agree, Baron. May the good spirits watch over you, warrior.

Baron Hartley: And over you.


All those guys were worth over 50 TP!

We spend it to become more godly.

I have once again removed the Ahoul from the north.

Marvelous! However, I must tell my men to be especially alert; there's no telling what could happen next. Say, are you feeling okay? You look exhausted.

I suppose it is time for a nap... My business is done here. Farewell for now, Captain.

Victory for Goondalf! Hail the G! Tune in next time for the beginning of Chapter Four, my favorite in the whole game.


Avalon doesn't only get its fashion from the Sha'ahoul and Eurale. Goondalf the G also has this number he calls "kind of a Janissary looking thing I guess."

It consists of short Leather Boots, Patchwork Pants, a Red Loincloth, a Leather Vest, plus the powerful Hands of Truth and pointy Helm of Reason.

Where did he get this idea? Who can say? All we know is that it accentuates his curves nicely, and so too can it accentuate yours!