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by Nyaa

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Original Thread: Musical Time-Murder and Battle Demon with my DID Partner [Sigma Harmonics]



What is Sigma Harmonics?

Sigma Harmonics is a time-travel murder solving musical battle RPG develops and publishes by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS. It’s written by Hiroki Chiba and produce by Yoshinori Kitase, both of Chrono Trigger fame.

What is this game about?

Time-Demon known as Ouma suddenly taken over the world via time shenanigans!

Only two Ability Users known as Neon and Sigma somehow survived the mass extinction.

Together, they will fix the twisted timeline by solving murder cases of the Kurogami Family and beat up the culprit Ouma.

Is there an English version of this game?

No, but I will be translating this game and provide supplemental information when necessary. However, since I am translating from the Chinese translation of the original Japanese version, I might miss something, but not by a lot since both languages share very similar structures. But, I will try to cross-reference with the original version to ensure everything is probably translated.

Thankfully, in my quest for quality, I come upon a translated guide by chocomog257 that has faithfully translated all the important names and terms of the game, so I will be using that to augment my translation.

Please do not post any spoiler here or make any witty foreshadowing spoiler.

LP Format

This will be a hybrid format LP that includes both abridged screenshots and subbed video. Bold are all in-game texts and un-bold are my comments. I can change it to full SSLP if everyone wants it.

How will this lp works?

For the most part, all of you will vote on piecing the logic together and find the culprit. However, this game allows you to proceed even if you get the wrong culprit! When you do, it could affect which ending we get and monster we meet in the future gets stronger! We will proceed even when we declared the wrong culprit until the point the dead end. Then we will go back and redo all the wrong choice we made or I can show you the proper logical deduction to solve the murder.

Fan Art and Contribution

I am happy to see any fan art or receive any kind of help to make the LP better, but please, no plot spoiler in fan art.

Fan art:

By Grimwit

Special thanks to Mraagvpeine and PlaceholderPigeon for all the proofreading and Nidoking for the audio translation!


Video - Part A , Part B

Video - Part A , Part B

Chapter 1: The Old Swallow's Poisoning Incident
Video - 1200 Hours , 1100 & 0900 Hours, One event that I missed, Solution, Boss fight and Ending, Activity Chart

Chapter 2: The Woman Who Disappeared On 2nd Floor -The Great Detective Coming-
Video - 1600 Hours , 1500 hours , First reasoning + bad reasoning , 1700 & 1800 Hours , Final Reasoning , Ending, Activity Chart

Chapter 3: Murderer in Kurogami Mansion
Video - 1800 Hours , 1900 Hours + Reasoning , 2000 & 1700 Hours , Final Reasoning , Boss and Ending , Activities Chart , Game Trailer , Bad Reasoning

Chapter 4: It's Massacre Time
Video - 1600 Hours , 1500 Hours , 1400 & 1700 Hours , Reasoning , Activities Chart . Extra and Boss Fight , Bad Reasoning

Chapter 5: Murderer in Kurogami Mansion II -The Great Detective's Final Account-
Video - 1900 Hours , 2000 to 2300 Hours , Reasoning , Activities Chart , Bad Reasoning , Fan Reasoning , Boss Battle and Ending

Chapter 6: Offering to the Future
Video - Part A , Part B , Part C, Boss Battle and Ending

Bonus Chapter 3 VS: Woman in the Hallway
Video - 1800, 1700, & 1900 hours, Reasoning and Boss Battle , Bad Reasoning

Death Chapter: Mask of Terror
Video - 1500 & 1400 Hours, 1600 & 1700 hours, 1300, 1800, & 1900 Hours, 2000, 2100, and Battles

Note: Death Chapter is basically Boss Rush and doesn't add much to the story.
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