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Sigma Harmonics

by Nyaa

Part 2: Bad Reasoning

Chapter 4 Timeline Chart

First question: Whose death can be considered impossible at a glance?

Uhh… Key?

Screw it.

The killer is…

It’s clear from the beginning that it’s them.
Doing the reasoning is just a precaution, and I was right all along.
I see. You mean the Oumahito crossed the wall of time and instant killed everyone?
Yep. That’s what I said. Even the result of the reasoning agrees with me.
Now, begin time tuning!

The killer is…
The boy known as Yuu.

… Is what I thought.
Speechless… Is what I thought.
Hmm… We reasoned pretty far.
And… ?
Bah, we have gotten quite deep into the mystery, it’s as good as solved anyway.
Same as unsolved.
Now, begin time tuning!