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Part 5: Bad Reasoning

The Killer is... Nene.
Hm. A gun was used in this case, so anyone can kill Shizuma.
Did you do your reasoning properly?
This is the conclusion of my reasoning.There's no problem.
Hm~ Is that how it is~
Alright, begin time tuning!

The Killer is... Shizuma.
Hold on a second. Murder still occurs after the leader's death. How do you explain that?
Hm, Shizuma did die. But let us consider this. Maybe he set some sort of mechanism that will fire a bullet at a certain time. In that case, he can keep killing people after his death.
Sure, sure. Then why did the leader kill himself?
That was an accident.
Hm, if Shizuma really set up those traps, then he would had test it out beforehand to make sure it works.
Ah~I see.
When he finished setting up traps in the mansion and returns to his room. He accidentally triggered his trap while testing it. This is the conclusion from my reasoning. Alight, begin time tuning!

The Killer... Doesn't exist.
Or it is better to say, the case never happened. The main culprit is... Yes, the tea cup.
Although I am not sure how, but Obaba, Nene, Yuriko, and Yoshiko all drank the tea... With hallucinating drugs.

In their heightened state of delusions, they would say something like seeing dead body. This hallucinated fear then spread to the others. This is what they call Collective Hallucination.
Huh? So...
There was no murder case, everything is an illusion. This is the conclusion from my reasoning. Alright, begin time tuning!