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Part 5: Scanning ... A new [Gun Data] has been added to your Weapon Select

Time to head back to the Starbase, but let's see if our Scanning Tool can find anything new for us.


Aha! A hidden switch!

So that's how we get past these obstacles. In addition, it can also uncover Gun Data hidden underground, so it's often good to run around with it on when exploring new areas. I'm sure a bunch of my future screenshots will show it on. Only drawback is that you can't shoot with it out.

Path 'split' here. One drops you all the way down, one drops you partway down to a cave, then down the rest of the way. pick the wrong one and you have to backtrack around to get to the cave!

It's the right jump by the way. The cave is obscured a little.

Oh hey, Gun Data. This is the Cannon Gun Data, Power Shot. It might be more powerful (I'm not sure, since I never use it) but I prefer the spread given by the double shot.

Here we find our first Impact Gun Data, Bubble. It causes a bubble to rise upon impact. Doesn't sound too good initially, but turns out that if the shot doesn't kill the enemy, the bubble essentially appears and explodes right as it's created on the enemy, scoring a double hit. I don't know how powerful the bubble is but I'm not going to complain. Plus, something is better than nothing.

Here's another area we can't go into yet. It's actually a yellow room, so we'll only be here MUCH later. Of course, this can actually lead to problems....

Remember how myself and a few posters here have mentioned how this game can dick you over? Here's an example of it doubly dicking me over. Since I was in a yellow room, the game loads the random battles for the yellow room, battles full of enemies I should be fighting when I'm at least a good 20-30 levels higher than I am currently. I got sucked into a battle against these enemies and thank god there were only 14 to kill or I would have been dead.

I was unable to kill just about every enemy will my gun, instead using up all 4 of my bombs to instantly kill anything onscreen. And I was in the Bomber. On the plus side, I gained 2 levels in this one battle from the inflated EXP drops so I'm currently a bit overleveled by one or two levels.

Frankly I'm amazed I made it out alive.

This is the 3rd miniboss on the planet. It actually died in about three seconds.

VIDEO: Random Battle from this part of the planet.

I backtracked a little up the path I took in the last update and found this sitting underground.

This is the Cannon Gun Data, V-Cannon. It doesn't fire as fast as the Free-Movement Cannon, and doesn't fire forwards, but I found myself interested in testing it (something I've never done in previous playthroughs).

My first battle testing it out was against this miniboss, and it was really useful since he charges forwards and you can just get above or below to fire with this gun.

After another random battle of testing, I decided to swap out Free-Movement Cannon for the V-Cannon. It might not fire forwards but the spread is really nice.

Another way we can't go just yet. This is a place we'll be visiting sooner than later.

Back at the starbase...

: You know, I have to admit... I thought you'd embarrass me somehow, but you managed to stay in one piece.
: It's what I do. So what now?
: I'll process the readings we got from the human mine and compare them to our own surface readings. The final data will go to Krill High Command for review. In the meantime, show that scanner to Commander Bloss...He'll want to see it.

Yeah, yeah, I'll go do that.

Taking a detour to the Skinning Room, we discover a Gun Data hidden...under the tiled floor I guess.

Another Cannon Gun Data, the Rotating Cannon. Pretty useless to be honest. Sure it can hit everywhere

I'm missing the conversation start picture for this but I have the whole conversation so, whoops a little. Anyways, in Bloss' room:

: Recker! Come over here!
: What, am I in trouble?
: Hardly! You wiped out a solid mile of human scum! Far as I'm concerned, you're as good as a Krill.
: Uh... Thank you sir!
: So it disappoints me to see it end here.
: End? What are we doing?
:Relax kid. I'm trying to tell you that you've been promoted.
: Promoted?
: Krill High Command reviewed the readings from the Earth Mine the moment we got them. Said it was exactly what they needed. Destroying the human infestation put you over the top. I'm finally in with the chief mucky mucks now thanks to you. They won't forget my name after today. And I'll make sure I remember yours.
: So where am I being promoted to?
: For starters, hold onto that Scanning Tool, you'll need it. You're heading to Starbase 2. It's stationed in orbit above a Fire Planet. And find Psyme. I'm throwing her into the deal. She'll be someone else's problem for a change.
: You mean mine.
: Watch your back.
: Yes sir.

Oh great, the asshole. Now I gotta tell him I killed humans.

: You got my signal. Good.
: I- I attacked...I had no choice!
: It doesn't matter.
: Doesn't matter?
: You got a look at their findings I take it?
: Yes, how did you know?
: Look Recker. Both Earth and the Krill are following the same set of clues. The Forest Planet was only a stepping stone.
: So you knew about the operation on the planet?
: Of course I did. I initiated it.
: You sacrificed those people for this geological data!!
: Yes.
: But the data is in the hands of the Krill High Command, and I'm being transferred to another base as some kind of war hero! So things are looking pretty screwed up from my end!!
: Keep you voice down! Sure, we wanted the data. But now we just need to know what the Krill plan to do with it.
: You're keeping me in the dark, Commander!
: You know what you need to get the job done. That will have to be enough. Tierney out!!

: That arrogant... I'd better get to Psyme before I miss the boat.

: More than.
: Ok. Go to the NAV COM just like you did before. But this time, instead of landing, choose FIRE PLANET to enter that destination. The ELEVATOR in the next room will take you straight to the launch bay. The list of available starbases will change from time to time, so just know this might be a one way trip.
: What about the Forest Planet? Shouldn't I toughen up my parasite before we leave?
: That's up to you. But the sooner we get to Starbase 2, the better I'll like it. I'll be in the shuttle. Don't keep a lady waiting.

Well, considering I grew two levels from that one battle, more than I was expecting to gain on the way back, I'd say I'm fine. Fire Planet it is.

See you guys in Chapter 2.


Here's something new, at the end of each update I'll include what my current weapon configuration is. I'm also going to start keeping a list of all the Gun Data in the first post, and it will be filled in as we uncover new data.

: 6 - V-Cannon. Fires forward split shots.
: 5 - Double Shot. A double laser with a wide hit area
: 11 - Bubble. Bubble is left behind that rises slowly.