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Part 21: Still Giving Metal Gear Solid a Run For its Money.

Before I start the update proper, I want to point out this miniboss you can encounter during the escape:

It's essentially a corrupted Krill fighter. It mirrors your movements and can actually be damaged by crashing it into the walls. However, crashing it into walls will cause that same amount of damage to your ship so fighting it quickly becomes a game of shooting it while avoiding its shots and making sure it doesn't run into anything. Drops about 3000 EXP on defeat.

Man, I don't know what I did wrong last time seeing as I got here with over 30 seconds to spare and still picked up all the Gun Data. I must have just been being stupid.

Yes, I think I will save after having to fight that boss two extra times due to accidentally hitting VBA's "Exit" key shortcut. VBA uses Ctrl+X as Exit and Ctrl+B as the Rewind. I use X as my B button, so during the escape when I was trying to optimize everything I did, I would use the Rewind, get overzealous and accidentally hit Ctrl+X. On the bright side i can beat that boss super-easily now.

After all that running, I just want to go sit in my chair and put my feet up--

*spits drink* Blune!?
: What is going on here?!
: Keep your distance Recker! All I need is the anti-virus!
: She doesn't have it! I do!
: Then hand it over! It's the only advantage the Krill still have over Earth! Tierney will be able to use the virus and destroy the weapon once and for all! As long as that Anti-Virus is out of our hands, Earth is threatened!
: Listen. You don't have all the facts. The virus needs to go to the Tyrannical Overlord.
: That's insane! Whose side are you on?!
: My own. The Overlord and High Command have been tricked by aliens called the Iot. The bio weapons they're searching for is INSIDE the Krill home planet! Your planet!
: You lie.
: If I know my sisters, they went straight to the Overlord. By now he knows that the Sleeping Flesh is beneath his feet! He won't let it destroy his own planet. He'll need the virus!
: What about Earth? You'd leave your planet defenseless!
: I'm telling you, the Krill Overlord will use the virus himself! He'll destroy the weapon!
: This is preposterous! Give me the anti-virus or you force me to kill her.
: Blune!
: Please don't make me!
: Recker, don't!!
: ... Take it.
: You did the right thing Recker.

: It had to be done.
: ...
: Well now Earth knows all six planets and has a clear shot at the bio weapon! Krill is doomed either way!
: Not necessarily. I transferred the Sigma Fighter to our hangar. Load it up.
: Where are you going?
: Earth. To tie up some loose ends.
: I'll be in the ship.

VIDEO: Chapter 5 Boss Mission #2

We head to the hangar and jump into the Sigma Fighter. Our mission takes up to the depths of space as the stars fly past at high speed.

Blune's escaping with the anti-virus. Recker calls Blune over the radio mid-battle.

: Blune, turn back!
: Don't follow me Recker! I need to upload the anti-virus to Tierney!
: Blune! The Krill planet will be destroyed! The war will continue! Worse than before!
: How can I trust you? You're the leader of Sigma Team! Tierney hired you to seize the weapon!
: By giving Earth the anti-virus you're condemning your own planet!
: I wish I could believe you Recker. But you've told one lie too many. I have to upload the anti-virus. It will all be over in 30 seconds.
: Recker! Are you mad? Call it off!
: Upload the virus to me Commander! There is still a chance to stop the bio weapon!
: I won't do that Recker! Hold your fire!
: No!

Blune's ship flies offscreen.

Earth comes into view and Blune turns around to attack.

All he does is fire lasers and honestly, he goes down in literally two seconds in the video.

: Blune? I'm so sorry.
: You're too late. The anti-virus is ours. Turn yourself in now and I'll guarantee your freedom!
: ... *long pause* You win.

Blune's ship explodes with him on it. Blune...

(Drops 2000 EXP)

: This is where we say our goodbyes. I have work to do.
: You're going after the virus?
: I'm going after Tierney.
: You know Psyme would kill me if I let something happen to you.
: She won't care. Not anymore.
: What's that supposed to mean?
: The Comm line was open. Psyme knows I'm her enemy now. I won't see her again. And I don't deserve to.
: Please, look at me. Whatever happens, you mustn't let them destroy the original virus!
: I won't. Wish me luck.

Well that's not good... Now we've lost Psyme.

Now we have to kill Earth soldiers.

That lab from the beginning still isn't open...

Nothing in this open lab.

This guy tosses grenades but only downwards, meaning you just shoot from the side.

Tierney's office is empty! So where'd the bastard run off to?

Entering Tierney's room triggers an event to open that closed lab.

: Zart! I thought you were dead!
: Hello again Mister Recker.
: You're working with Tierney? But I thought Blune stole the virus!
: Of course he did. We had to part ways after your blonde girlfriend stole the anti-virus. But now that we have both...
: We will destroy the original virus.
: But... But you commissioned the original virus yourself! You set up the laboratory on the Ice Planet! This makes no sense!
: Allied Earth Federation commissioned the virus. I just wanted the bio wepaon. And now that I know the Krill will be eliminated by the hatching process, the virus only serves to threaten the weapon when I wield it!
: But is the Krill World is destroyed, the weapon serves no purpose!
: You fool! This isn't about winning one silly campaign! It is about becoming the dominant force in the universe! I can accomplish this! When the Sleeping Flesh hatches, and each world is laid wasted, I alone will be able to master its awesome power!
: You're mad!
: I won't let anything stand between me and ultimate power! The virus! Destroy it!!
It's too bad that in the end, Tierney's character devolves into the stereotypical power-hungry antagonist.
: Stop!!
*The screen flashes red and the virus explodes*
: It's done. All traces of the virus are gone.
: Well done. Your payment will be forthcoming.
Unpictured because impossible to get a good screen of: Zart is electrocuted to death. I took several pictures and none of them show it off well.

: That electric charge was originally meant for you once your mission was completed.
: I was an idiot to believe anything you said. The devil was in the details after all.
: Yes he was. And here is one last detail you overlooked.

: Remember that little chip I put behind your ear? For all our little one-way chit chats? At this range it also gives me direct control of your central nervous system. It's time to say goodbye now.
That was fun to type. Also, *screen slow fades to black, then scene reappears*

: The hatching can not be stopped. The Krill are defeated. And now! I am the most power man on EARTH!! Ho! Ha ha ha! HAAAAH HA HA HA HAHHH!!
That was also fun.
: ... What? Who's there?
*The Sisters warp into the room*

: The power... it is... meant for me... ......

*fades to black*

Join me next time as we enter the endgame (and Gun Data collection).


Current Weapon Data:

: 19 - Free Aim Cannon. Auto fires. Control switches between ship and cannon.
: 19 - Super Power Shot. Adds +5 DMG to your current power.
: 19 - Trio Counter. On impact, each enemy counts as 3.