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Original Thread: Still Can't See - Let's Play Silent Hill 2

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(As always, thanks to our friend Courtney Stevens for the artwork.)

Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams
Platform: Playstation 2 & Xbox
Publisher: Konami
Developer: KCET - Team Silent

This series is a continuation of our let's play of Silent Hill 1 that was completed a few months ago and will have the same general structure: a blind playthrough with live commentary and occasional edits for pace. More comprehensive LPs by From Earth (screenshot) and Niggurath (video) can be found on the LP Archive.

The Game
Released holiday 2001, Silent Hill 2 was the first installment in the Silent Hill franchise to be released on PS2 (as well as Xbox) and is generally considered to be the best in the series. Though it has no story ties to the original, plenty of familiar game elements return: limited vision by fog and darkness, locating enemies using radio static, puzzle solving, almost-charmingly-terrible melee combat; It's all there. Also, there's a guy with a pyramid for a head.

The story follows James Sunderland, a man tormented by the untimely death of his wife, Mary. One day, James receives a letter from Mary claiming that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill. Desperate for any chance to see her again, James wades into the fog of the small town in the hopes of finding his lost wife.

The version of the game we'll be playing is Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams (released on PS2 simply as Silent Hill 2 (Greatest Hits) in the US) which features a second playable episode starring Maria, a supporting character from the main scenario. The first four episodes of the LP are played on the PS2 version, but unsatisfied with the minor imcompatibilities associated with playing on PS3, I decide to switch to the superior Xbox version.

The Players
Kyle (19LettersLong) | Role: Driver
Keith (Somethingdumb) | Role: ?????

We're stupid.

Silent Hill 2 Game Manual posted:

Three years ago, James Sunderland's wife got seriously ill and passed away. James tried to pull himself together and resume his life after the loss but struggled to get back on his feet. The emotional pain and emptiness left James in constant state of mourning.

Then one day, a cryptic letter arrives signed by Mary, the same name as his late wife. In the letter, Mary writes "Silent Hill, our santuary of memories... I will be waiting for you there.

James is confused and disturbed by the letter. He questions if Mary is somehow really alive or if someone is playing a hoax on him.

"I still don't believe it. The dead can't send letters, yet I came here to see my Mary..."

"Our sanctuary of memories - What does that mean? This place is too full of memories..."

Shrouded in mystery and driven by the desire to uncover the truth, James sets off into the world of Silent Hill...

As the fog grows thicker, James realizes that the town is nearby.

"The only way to get to the center of town is through this tunnel, but there must have been an accident or something because the entrance is blocked."

"But wait..."

"The map shows a single road through the forest that leads to the town. Looks like the only way to get to the town is to take this road on foot."

"I can't see anyone in this thick fog, or should I say I don't feel anyone."

"I see a run-down building nearby."

"There's no one inside. I am alone in the mirror's reflection."

"I look at the man in the mirror and mutter a question..."

"Mary...Could you really be in this town?"

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Episode 01: Lost in Fog [Youtube][Source]
If we had gotten lost any faster, the disc wouldn't have made it into the console.

Episode 02: The Untouchable Gun [Youtube][Source]
Are you trying to press X on this gun? Well stop that.

Episode 03: The Immovable Clock [Youtube][Source]
We continue to meander around the apartment complex like the lifeless, brain dead cattle that we are.

Episode 04: A Man of Action [Youtube][Source]
Silent Hill 2 will not suffer washing machine inspections.

Episode 05: Live From the Nightmare Barn [Youtube][Source]
Don't ask about the sleigh.

Episode 06: Coin Ops [Youtube][Source]
Uncle David is an asshole.

Episode 07: Big Dumb Pyramid Head [Youtube][Source]
We finally finish up in the apartment complex.

Episode 08: The Day the Game Stood Still [Youtube][Source]
Tragedy strikes the let's play.

Episode 09: Deja-Food [Youtube][Source]
A return to eating pizza.

Episode 10: Apple and Pears [[Youtube]][Source]
Are you prepared to see us get through the hospital in a single episode? Well, lower your expectations. Like, a lot.

Episode 11: Cat Diary [Youtube][Source]
Adventures in the hospital continue.

Episode 12: Oh, Inverted World [Youtube][Source]
Inverted hospital is almost identical to regular hospital, except the elevator rides take WAY longer.

Episode 13: Letter Wrench [Youtube][Source]
Dissatisfaction with the game comes to a head as our heroes see the last of Brookhaven Hospital.

Episode 14: Return to Letter Wrench: The Ballad of the Letter and the Wrench [Youtube][Source]
Tonight, we run this town. You might call us The Night Mayors.

Episode 15: Well Done [Youtube][Source]
Gettin' trapped in a well ain't no big deal.

Episode 16: Jail Time [Youtube][Source]
All the doors are locked still. Will Silent Hill 2 give us the reason?

Episode 17: Prison/Broken [Youtube][Source]
Hardware issues rear their ugly head one last time as we continue on our way through the prison.

Episode 18: Pretty Good Knife [Youtube][Source]
The prison offers us a new weapon.

Episode 19: Eight on the Lake [Youtube][Source]
We face our fiercest foe yet: Toluca Lake.

Episode 20: The Angry Elevator [Youtube][Source]
Keith makes weird basement phone calls while the rest of us hard-working employees butt heads with a stubborn elevator.

Episode 21: Room 312 [Youtube][Source]
Wanna see this video my wife and I made in our hotel room? Okay, well, watch it anyway. Just watch it!

Episode 22: Judge Hedd [Youtube][Source]
The sentence is death.

Episode 23: The Letter [Youtube][Source]
We finish the main story and discuss the endings. Born From a Wish still to come.

Episode 24: Born From a Wish (1/2) [Youtube][Source]
We play through the first two thirds of Born From a Wish before going to bed or something.

Episode 25: Born From a Wish (2/2) [Youtube][Source]
We finish Born From a Wish and play a bit of New Game+ on hard because we had more SH2 to talk about.


Bonus Ep: Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly [Youtube]
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