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Please do not spoil shit! Feel free to talk about Silent Hill 1 or 2, but try not to be a jerk by ruining the game as it does have some twists! Also if you're wanting to catch up on your Silent Hill then please check out Voidburger's great LP of Silent Hill 1, her LP of the Silent Hill prequel Silent Hill: Origins, or my own LP of Silent Hill 2, and the relatively unrelated Kamoc LP of Silent Hill: Homecoming...fuck there's a lot of Silent Hill games.

Somewhere, far away in the depths of the mind and in the far reaches of other dimensions, lies a black void. Twitching beasts with flailing limbs of raw skin and eyeless sockets searching through the ebony maw of forever for pain to bestow on anything that enjoys even a minute reprieve from torment. And where does this open up on our story? Why in the small and quiet resort town of Silent Hill. Released in 2003 by Konami, and developed by Team Silent Hill, Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel from Silent Hill 1 (with some mentions and references to Silent Hill 2) that follows Heather, a new female protagonist, some number of years after the events of Silent Hill 1 and how those events will come to shape her life. For this LP I'll be playing the PC version which doesn't have any massive changes from the console version, outside of blocking a few things which I should still be able to show off (which are mostly comedic references to Silent Hill 2). But lets go ahead and get to the videos:

The first female protagonist in any Silent Hill game, Heather is a young and carefree teenager who lives a simple life with her single dad. Now why is she finding herself being drawn into the Otherworld of Silent Hill and why even think of a town she's never been to? Well that's what we shall be finding over the course of the game...hopefully before the nightmarish creatures of Silent Hill devours her whole. (more info will come as the game progresses!)

Douglas Cartland is a middle-aged detective that confronts Heather in the Central Square Shopping Center regarding Heather's birth. What he actually wants to reveal isn't yet totally clear and whether or not Heather can truly trust him...I guess we'll have to see as the game progresses.

Claudia is a rather enigmatic figure that Heather initially happens upon while making her way through the Central Square Shopping Center. With a steely gaze and platinum blond hair, Claudia starts babbling on about knowing things regarding Heather's birth and the forthcoming changes that she shall bring forth. What does she mean by all this and what does this mean for Heather...only time shall tell.

Vincent Smith is one of the central characters from Silent Hill 3. On his and Heather Mason's first meeting he claims to "know everything" about her past, the situation at hand, and the events that happened in Silent Hill 17 years prior to Silent Hill 3. Other than that, not much is known about him, or his past, but it can be speculated that Vincent was raised alongside Claudia Wolf.

The Double Head is a canine monster in Silent Hill 3 that usually appears in groups of two or four. Their namesake feature refers to the fact that from the jawline, their heads are split vertically down the middle, with their tongue often hanging lazily between the split halves. They are "bandaged" in bloody strips of flesh and appear to be horribly burned. According to The Making of Silent Hill 3 DVD, their split skulls are meant to evoke Cerberus and to indicate the player is entering a nightmarish world. They parallel the Groaners from the original Silent Hill. They also tend to howl whenever alerted by Heather's presence, which calls other Double Heads to the area. However, when on the attack, they move quite quickly and attack by either lunging at Heather or gnawing at her legs.

The Closer is a common monster in Silent Hill 3. Its body seems to mock the female form, as its entire face resembles a pair of lips, and it seems to be wearing a mini-skirt. The Closer is a tall, menacing creature, with thick, all-encompassing arms. They move slowly, but their massive size and reach make them somewhat dangerous, as is their tendency to appear in tight spaces. They attack by hitting Heather with their club-like arms, or extending a blade-like bone fragment from the tips of their arms.

The Pendulum is a large flying monster from Silent Hill 3 that is first encountered in the Central Square Shopping Center. A Pendulum has the appearance of two human torsos split in half and connected at their hips by a metal device. Their arms are tied and bandaged behind their backs, with each torso facing the opposite direction of the other, and a pair of stilt-like, bladed legs sprout from the center of the mechanical device. It also has a blade attached to each of its heads and rotates its torso (like a pendulum moving in a single direction) while it moves in an attempt to cut Heather. They float in mid-air, slowly converging on Heather's location where they'll slash at her with their weapons. They are very difficult to deal with in melee, and firearms are the preferred method of disposing them.

The Numb Body is a relatively featureless, bipedal creature that appears in various sizes. It consists of only two legs, which end in deformed, toe-like digits. Their heads only have a single hole in it, from which they presumably see, and nothing else. They make moaning sounds similar to an infant's cries, especially after being struck down. Alone, they aren't very dangerous, simply attacking by ramming their heads into Heather Mason to damage her. However, they have a tendency to appear in numbers and will quickly surround her as she deals with one at a time.

Insane Cancers are enormous, obese humanoids with great strength that appear in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason first encounters one sleeping in the subway area. The name Insane Cancer is derived from its outward appearance being suggestive of a cancerous mass. They are almost completely covered with fatty, cancerous-looking bulbous flesh, with pus-like excretions oozing from open sores. Their heads aren't very distinct, being small bulbs with a wound-like opening as their only feature. They attack by swinging their fat, claw-tipped arms and throwing themselves on top of Heather. Although they usually move slowly, shifting their weight back and forth, they will sometimes run towards Heather and knock her down with a very surprising speed. Normally, it's best to avoid these monsters and look for a safe way around them; however, their size may block the path and force the player to fight them.

Slurpers are crawling, humanoid monsters from Silent Hill 3. They appear to be human males wearing masks with long, tube-like snouts, much like an anteater, and club-like front limbs. They emit loud chirping noises of various pitches and have a long tongue with which they use to "slurp" up carrion and blood. They are often found in groups and appear frequently out of small crawlspaces and vents to ambush their prey. They also have what appears to be leather shorts on. They are very short-sighted creatures, but very sensitive to sounds. They will crawl directly towards the source of a sound everytime they hear it. Even Heather's footsteps can alarm them. Some melee weapons with an over-head swing can be used to hit them but generally they are not good choices because of the close proximity; also the sound of weapons will attract other Slurpers. When struck, they will sometimes play dead, waiting for Heather to get closer before attacking again. They emit a loud, shrill cry when truly dead. As scavengers, they are also easily distracted by Beef Jerky.

The Nurses in Silent Hill 3 have a more "human"-like appearance. They each have blood around their mouth, implying that they have either coughed up blood or have been feeding on a bloody carcass. Their hair is all uniformly cut into bob cuts and they share the Bubble Head Nurses' busty appearance. They make heavy panting noises and when injured, they utter bloodcurdling screams. They carry weapons as well, either the iconic pipe weapon or revolvers. Nurses are generally more dangerous than other creatures at the time, particularly those with the handgun. Those armed with pipes swing away at Heather Mason when she comes close enough, limping towards her until they're in range. Those with revolvers should be dealt with immediately, as they can attack from quite a ways away and deal a large amount of damage. They can also pistol-whip Heather if she is in close enough range.

Scrapers are enemies who appear in Silent Hill 3. They are very similar in appearance and nature to the Missionary, though they are much weaker, as well as less threatening and significantly smaller. They appear as medium-sized humanoid males with dirty brown robes and brown sacks over their faces. They also wear bloody rubber gloves and corduroy pants. Their tonfa-like weapons end in blades, which they constantly scrape together, hence their name. They behave much like the Missionary, but are much weaker and less aggressive. They retain the former's ability to deflect handgun bullets, but nothing else. They can move surprisingly fast as they lash out at Heather, but they can be killed with several well-timed heavy strikes with a melee weapon. They also have a tendency to shove Heather off of ledges if she tries to skirt around them. When the Scraper starts scraping its weapons together, it's a sign that it's preparing to charge.
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