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by Kamoc

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Original Thread: Let's Find the Obligatory Sewer Level in Silent Hill: Homecoming [VLP]



Holy shit it's a Silent Hill smorgasbord:
Voidburger's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories LP

Alternate names:
Let's Play Silent Hill: The Game: The Movie: The Game
Pipes pipes pipes fans grates blood pipes (Silent Hill: Homecoming)
Everybody Hates Alex (Silent Hill: Homecoming)
Let's Play Silent Hill: Homecoming and then Get Some Tetanus Shots

Released on September 30th, 2008, Silent Hill: Homecoming is the worst game. Watch the introduction where I nerd out for more information.

Who are you?
I am Bob. I make videos and it is good.

Why's no one talking on that hill?
Watch From Earth's and Voidburger's Silent Hill LPs to get a grasp on what's going on in the series. If enough people are confused about what's happening I'd be happy to do a recap, but Homecoming doesn't really require much background and you should really just play the other games for yourself or watch the LP's.

Why Homecoming?
It is full of bugs, terrible character development and fanservice, so I will torture myself for your amusement. I hope you're happy.

What type of LP is this?
It's a combination of subVLP, voiceoverLP, and CYOA. I'll be doing a 100% run on hard mode.

Choose your own adventure. At certain points in the video you will be able to choose what the main character, Alex, will do.

You're not Voidburger..
No, but she'll be in here shortly to tell me that I'm doing everything wrong which will make me cry and quit prematurely.

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Strengths - Is a door
Weaknesses - Keys, dentists
Weapon - Quicktime events

Strengths - Tits, ass, attacks fast
Weaknesses - Face, legally deaf and blind
Weapon - Knife

Strengths - Flies around, attacks in groups
Weaknesses - Vulnerable to feet
Weapon - Sucks blood

Strengths - Ambusher, can lunge at Alex (knockdown)
Weaknesses -
Weapon - Adamantium claws

Strengths - Can fly, quick
Weaknesses - Chocolate
Weapon - Face

Strengths - Glows in the dark
Weaknesses - Goatse face, global warming
Weapon - Smoke-puke, Smuke

Strengths - Crawls walls, Nipples
Weaknesses - Is a dickhead/has a dick head
Weapon - Spikes

Strengths - Hanging upside down for extended periods
Weaknesses - Sacs
Weapon - Fists, Gravity

Strengths - Social, chills with bros
Weaknesses - Eats sideways
Weapon - Blade-head, teeth

Strengths - Male side
Weaknesses - Female side (social commentary)
Weapon - Club foothands

Strengths - Talented headbiter, wallcrawler
Weaknesses - Crowbar, knife
Weapon - Needle-teeth, slappin' hands

Strengths - Social, expert huggers
Weaknesses - Low resistance against knives, bullets
Weapon - Pipe/Rifle

Strengths - Able to carry in all the groceries at once
Weaknesses - Piggy-back rides
Weapon - Hands, acid vomit, buttocks

Strengths - Ripped
Weaknesses - Can't see shit
Weapon - Great knife, silent treatment

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