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Part 31: "Police Station"

the dog was just passing by...

Chapter 3 - "Police Station"

The monster just moves right past Cybil, and then continues away from her.
Clearly it is headed somewhere with some purpose."

Various concerns run through the back of Cybil's mind.
Instinctively, she begins to chase after the monster.

However, its speed is fast and it does not appear possible for Cybil to
be able to catch up to it.
Additionally, the thick curtain of fog is also making her pursuit difficult...

Cybil continues to run for a while, but ends up completely losing sight of
her target.

She stops and leans against an antique lamppost and presses on her chest.
She waits as the time between her continuous white breaths
gradually increases, and then begins walking again.

Being unable to escape from Silent Hill, Cybil then worried about what she
should do next.
Since all the people have vanished she cannot even talk to anyone about what
is happening here.

"I should look for the police station.
Even if the person I was talking on the phone with earlier isn't there,
I might be able to get some other information there."
She has visited this town many times.
Following the thread of her memory, she begins walking along the
complicated intersecting streets.

"Just how long have I been walking?"
As she saw the word "POLICE" appear from out of the fog her entire body was
completely exhausted.

She opens the glass door at the entrance and heads inside. As she does this
she sees that no one is here, which is just as she had expected.
The lack of any sound is painful to her ears.

After she walked around the reception area for a bit she moved toward
a room that the door had been left open for.
The plate beside the door says "Meeting Room".

Compared to the same room at the Brahms station, this one is quite small.
She looked around the room.

Inside the meeting room


A ) The phone is off the hook...

B ) Someone is here...