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Part 34: "Escort"

Chapter 6 "Escort"

Something is tangling and twisting around Cybil's feet.

It feels slippery, and has bound Cybil's feet like a long piece of tape.
She falls down and lands hard on her butt.

" this...!"

Through her boots she can feel the jelly-like substance moving up her body.
It is accompanied by a horrible smell that makes her want to vomit.

She tried as hard as she as she could to free herself, but the more she
struggled, the more it spread, and in no time it had moved to her upper body.

Once it gets in her mouth it will be all over.

"Please stop."

The voice is a little girl's.
Obeying the voice the jelly stops its movement, and appears to sink into
Cybil's clothing as it dissipates.

Cybil raises her head.
"Music Room" is written on the door.
The door is halfway open, and a little girl appears from inside.
Her soft black hair stands out against her fair complexion.

Are you Cheryl...?"
Cybil regained her composure and approached the little girl.
She kneeled and softly placed her hands on the girl's shoulders, and the
girl nodded.

"My name is Cybil.
Your daddy is looking for you.
If we don't hurry back to him...
Your daddy is braving danger running around this town.

You also saw that monster just now, didn't you?
If we don't get out of here soon then we will also be in danger."

Cheryl shakes her head back and forth to say "no".
Cybil does not understand what Cheryl means, but continues anyway.

"I will protect you.
Let's go to your Daddy.
It is my duty to take you to him."

Cybil says this, takes Cheryl's hand in hers and they begin to run down the

By chance...
The two of them happen to look out a window.

From where they are the visible courtyard has become completely enveloped
in darkness.
For it to become night so soon...

For a moment Cybil cannot believe her eyes, but then
she was only able to worry about whether she would be able to meet Harry.

Down the pitch black hallway

The two of them walk down the pitch black hallway.
Because of the difference in their strides their footsteps overlap as they

At the moment they approached the entrance to the school grounds Cheryl
spoke directly for the first time.

I don't want to leave here.
I don't want to see my Daddy.
If we meet there will be sadness.
You should go back Ma'am."

Cybil stopped walking, and spoke while just staring at Cheryl.

"It's your Daddy.
There's no reason that it would be sad for you to see him.
If you stay here then you might get hurt or worse.
Things would then be truly sad."

Saying that Cybil begins walking again.
After a bit she stops and adds, "It's Miss, not Ma'am" and then
the two of them left the school.

Walking toward the cafe

"Just what time is it now?"
Cybil curses the fact that she forgot her watch at the Brahms station.
"It is probably late at night."
She no longer feels the headache or sleepiness from just before.

Holding Cheryl's cold hand Cybil focuses her mind on locating Harry.

She figured that Harry was no longer in the cafe, but wonders if maybe he
left a memo or something there for her.

Compared to Harry, Cybil should know the geography of Silent Hill better
because of her profession.
However, because of the darkness and thick fog that limit her field of vision
she is in a situation in which it is difficult to know even her current

She had encountered a strange monster on her way to the school, so
now she did not have much confidence in being able to find her way back to
the cafe.

The sky began to get light while Cybil walked and contemplated the route to
the cafe.
This made her think that perhaps time is rapidly passing in this town alone.
Although the fog was present as ever to decrease visibility, she could see
a lot better now.

And then, before she knew it the cafe was right in front of her.

"...Something isn't right."
Cybil feels a sense of discord within her.

However, her feet continued on, as if guided by strong power, to the inside of
the cafe.

The horrible sight inside the cafe

Cybil led Cheryl through the entrance of the cafe.
The inside of the cafe had been ravaged.
The glass windows facing the street were broken and several tables were
knocked on their sides, so Cybil could not move any further in.

"...oh my god."

"I wonder if Harry is alright?"
A red pool of liquid reflects vividly in Cybil's eyes.
She prayed that it was not Harry's blood.

"Harry! It's me.
It's Cybil.
I found Cheryl.
If you are here then please come out."

There is no answer.
Cybil had began to step forward, but then gasped with an "Uh".

"Just this..."

The corpse of a brown colored monster that Cybil has never seen before lies
in the center of the pool of red liquid.

Several shells were scattered about, which meant that Harry probably had
a battle here.

Since Harry was no longer here she guessed that he defeated this monster
and then left to search for Cheryl.
"Is he hurt?"


A ) began to search the area.

B ) cautiously moved towards the monster.