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Part 35: "Mommie Dearest"

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Chapter 7 "Mommie Dearest"

Thinking that perhaps there was a memo, Cybil began her search with the
counter; however, there did not appear to be anything there.
"Maybe Harry left here in a hurry after being attacked by the monster."

Cybil looked at Cheryl.
With the bloody scene in front of her Cheryl was surprisingly calm.
From time to time she looked out the window as if she were concerned about

"Well, your Daddy is not here.
Let's look somewhere else."

Cybil took Cheryl's hand, and without a word they rushed out into the
snowy street once again.


A church bell is ringing.
The bell rings forcefully, almost as if it had been waiting for them to leave
the cafe.

"There are still...other people here."

Cybil's eyes glittered.
"This might be Harry's way of telling me where he is."

And even if it is not Harry, if there is someone still here in town then she
would like to meet them.

And hear what they have to say.

Cybil's feet naturally pointed toward the church.
Expecting to find a clue to escaping and reuniting with Harry, she tightly
gripped Cheryl's hand and began to run.

Once they arrived at the church the ringing stopped, and the large door at the
entrance began to open from the inside.

Cybil then thought that perhaps someone had been watching her movements
all this time. She looked up at the top of the church and then began to
look around nervously until a voice saying "This way" brought her back to her

Cybil faced the eerie woman from a distance.
The woman once more called out to Cybil: "This way"
Cybil mysteriously moved towards the woman.

"Were you the one ringing that bell?"

"Ku ku ku..."
The woman's face suddenly twisted and she began laughing loudly.
She saw Cybil's perplexed expression, but thought nothing of it and
just waved her hand left and right in front of Cybil's face.

"I have been waiting for you.
You have come just as I expected."

Cybil cocked her head to the side.
"Do you live here?"

The woman nodded and then looked at Cheryl.

"You have done well to come here.
You know, don't you?
That it was my doing that caused...
And you were hesitant to come alone, weren't you?
But in the end I was able to meet you.
It is all thanks to that woman."

"I don't understand what you are talking about."
Cybil's words may or may not have reached her, but that woman began
to laugh loudly again.
"Hey, tell me.
Why are there no people here?
Why are all the exits from town blocked?"

"I do not know either.
But shouldn't you be asking that girl instead?"

Cybil had a look of "What?" on her face. She looked at Cheryl.
Cheryl face was tearful, and she shook her head back and forth.

Cybil looked back at that woman and shouted at her.
"Stop all this nonsense!
We have been pursued by monsters and nearly killed.
If I was not protecting this child then who knows what would have happened to
her by now."

"The path of the Wiseman...the fool guided to this land through astrology.
Everything has been preordained.
There is nothing that I can do.
You are not holding that child's hand.
That child is holding yours."

Her anger showing, Cybil went to open her mouth. But at that moment the
woman blocked her.

"I am Dahlia Gillespie.
With that in hand I wonder where you will end up going.
I have nothing for you, and nothing to tell you.

You must escape from the demon's grasp as soon as possible.
You must find the means to do so for your own sake.
There is nothing I can do now.
I will pray for your safety.
...Cybil Bennet."

Cybil was shocked to be called by name. As she watched Dahlia quickly depart
she was unable to speak.

After Dahlia disappeared behind a door Cybil regained herself. She tightly
held Cheryl's hand and they left the church.

Right after they left the church Cheryl began to speak.

I am fine by myself now.
This is not my first time coming here, and I have met that lady we just saw

Cybil stops in surprise.

"What do you mean?"

"I, I have a place that I want to go.
But I can only go alone.
If you are with me, I won't be able to go, and then something terrible
is sure to happen."

"Something terrible? Why?
Your Daddy is looking for you.
Until I get you back to your Daddy I cannot leave your side."

"You're wrong.
My Daddy must not find me.
Someone is waiting for me.
In order to meet that person I..."

Cybil let out a short sigh.

A ) She snaps at and scolds Cheryl.

B ) She kindly admonishes Cheryl.