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Part 37: "Escape"

here it is. The conclusion of our (very) long journey to finish this game. I will be compiling the other endings, and posting up the Boy's Scenerio soon. Thanks for sticking it out with me.

Chapter 10 "Escape"

Cybil's voice was a scream.
Without backing away, she ran into the room, which had become hell-like.
A piece of rubble enveloped in flames fell right in front of her.

Cybil had fallen back on her behind, but instantly stood up, moved around the
obstacle and proceeded further into the room.
However, she had lost Harry.

She once again yelled out his name.

Someone is collapsed at her feet.

A girl dressed in white clothing is lying face down, and her back moves
up and down along with her breathing.
Cybil stops, kneels down, and places her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Are you ok?
If you stay here you will be burned to death.
Hurry and get up!"

The girl just remains face down and does not even try to look up.

Cybil forcefully lifts the girl's shoulders up, and then her face freezes.
The girl is the one that she was just traveling with...

The girl's name suddenly rises up within her memory.


"Cheryl...why are you here...!"

Cybil carries Cheryl's small body and heads for the exit.

Cheryl has suffered serious burns on her entire body.
If they don't get out quickly then not only Cheryl, but Cybil as well will be
burned to ash.

Black smoke rises from Cheryl's white clothing.
The girl is just barely conscious, and her face is pale.
Part of her hair is burned, and her right cheek is red and swollen.
Cybil sheds tears.

The sounds of explosions resound from all directions, and the floor shakes
and rumbles.
Cybil holds the burned girl close to protect her and runs.

In order to save the faint life in front of her Cybil risks her own life.
Cybil devotes herself completely to her current goal.
And she considers this to be her duty.

Cybil avoids debris as she heads towards the exit. At the same time she thinks.

The man she just saw...
He seems to have just abandoned this girl.
And if that is the case...

Cybil finally arrives at the exit, and places her foot on the white staircase
that extends in front of her.
And then she races up it.

From behind the loudest explosion yet occurs.
A sea of fire is just behind Cybil, and is closing in on her.

As she climbs the long staircase Cybil has the goal of reaching the light
coming from above the ground. Or perhaps she just senses that it is her
last hope, so she runs stronger and faster up the stairs.

Cybil glances down at Cheryl's face.

The End.