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Part 38: ENDING B

Ending B

On her way down the stairs Cybil heard footsteps as she was passing the
second floor.


The second floor is the same as the third, there is a central corridor with
doors lined up on both walls.

"Harry? Is that you Harry?"

There is a large window at the end of the hall.
White light from the foggy outside is reflecting off the floor.
Without realizing it Cybil squinted.

Someone is standing in front of the window.

From the shape of the outline of the human visible in the darkness
Cybil can tell that it is not Harry...
It looks like a girl.

Cybil just stared at the figure, and was unable to move for a bit.
Just like a frog being stared down by a snake, all her movements were sealed.


Who knows how long it was before she said that.
The girl did not answer, and began moving toward Cybil, as if she was

Slowly, she continued moving toward Cybil...

Eventually the girl twisted her body and jerked her right hand.
She made her hand into a fist, created a large bullet of light, and then
looked at Cybil.


"Watch out! Cybil!
Get down!!"

It is Harry's voice.
At the moment Cybil drops down the bullet of light slices through the air,
and impacts into something behind her.

(Well, that takes care of them...)

The girl vanishes.
Cybil turns and sees Harry laying face down, holding his hand to his chest.


He is struggling as hard as he can to reach his hand out to Cybil.
Cybil rushes over to him, and sits him up.


"......I thought that something...
was wrong... the time I realized...

"Harry! Don't talk!"

Harry's body becomes heavy.

done for...
Please...won't you...

"That girl from before. That wasn't Cheryl, was it?"


"Harry! Hold on!"

A ) stops moving.

B ) talks about the girl...

C ) opens his eyes wide.