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Part 39: ENDING C

Ending C

Is there a safe building somewhere?

Cybil stared at Cheryl's small body for a bit.

Even though they were out of the snow Cheryl's clothes were not warm enough
for the mid-winter temperatures.
If unlucky, then she might be deprived of even her life.

"Perhaps there is someplace warm somewhere?"

Cybil leaves Cheryl sleeping on the bench and walks around to the nearby
houses trying the doors.

"No good, the door is locked.

And this one too.

And this one as well...they're all locked."

The doors are sealed on all the houses lining the area.
There might be someone inside, but there is no way to check.

After walking for a while Cybil discovers a garage door that is partially

The inside cannot be said to be warm, but it is probably better than that
Cybil quickly returns to Cheryl.

Cheryl is sleeping on the bench just as she was before.

"Cheryl, please get up.
You'll catch cold out here.
I found a good place.
Let's go there."

She lightly tries shaking Cheryl's body.
There is no reaction.


Cybil places her right hand on Cheryl's chest.

"Impossible...this cannot be..."

Cheryl's heart is not beating.

And also, her small body has no warmth at all.

"This cannot be...
In such a short time...

Cybil carries Cheryl's body, and looks around to see if there is a hospital
Calm down.

On the edge of town, there should be a large hospital.
I've got to hurry.
There may not be any doctors there, but there may still be some medicine.

Within the scope of my knowledge perhaps I can do something."
Cybil thought this.
And then began to run.

As soon as she began to run Cybil felt something wrong with her own body.
It was very sudden, and she felt pain that she could not understand.

Like morning sickness...
She is filled with a desire to vomit.

It is as if some living thing that is not her is living inside her..


"My body feels weird...

My body feels weird...

My body feels weird...

My body feels weird...

Something...I don't know what, but...
Something evil is here.
Somewhere inside me...

Beginning to make a nest.
One cell at a time...
Beginning to consume me...
And yet it doesn't hurt...

My body is on fire.
My body is on fire.
My eyes feel like they are going to melt...
My eyes hurt.
My eyes are on fire.

Ha ha.
Coming from my stomach.
A slightly dirty doll.
Where are my parents?
Have they already escaped?

Since when...?
Why here?
I am sitting in a wheelchair.
A roar...
The dark sky...
Something is spinning.

He has me.
That man's name is...
He said it was Harry.
Definitely, Harry is what...
He said it was...

My hand is on my hip.
Hard... Cold...
I try taking it out.
Is this how I hold it?
Please shoot.
The man in front of you.
If I destroy him?

It was a merry-go-round.
If I thought that many eyes were watching.
Ha ha.
If I pull the trigger.
Something seems to have torn the man's flesh.

Wait...please wait.
I must not shoot that man.
In this world he is my only...

Kill me.
I can no longer control myself.
My body is acting on its own.
Kill him.
You must kill him.

Something small has passed through me.
It doesn't hurt.
It hurts.
My clothes are soaked.
I will die.
Protect the girl.

I fall to the ground.
I bounce once and cannot move.
Is this my body?
I cannot control it.

Some small creature...
It got inside me at some time?
It bites through my belly.
And leaves me."


"In my fading consciousness, I can see Harry shaking me.

Harry has stopped moving. He looks at me and weeps. Then he begins to move
toward something off in the distance that looks like a dimly shining girl.

I am ok...
I can still move.
The thing that came out of me is heading for its next target.

And I know who that will be.

If I cannot let Harry know this then something horrible will happen.
But I cannot speak.
It is because a bullet went through the side of my lung...
So I cannot put any power into my voice.

Harry has began to run.
I am not yet dead.
But he thinks that I am.

Even if I must crawl, I must move on.
Cheryl is in danger.
I must get there first...
Harry will get there soon enough.
But I must get there before then, and I must stop him."

Cybil somehow manages to stand up, but staggers and falls back down onto the

However, she decides to summon the last of her strength in order to save the
girl that she was moving with for a bit, Cheryl.

She stands up again.
And her entire body is beset with severe pain.

But Cybil does not fall down.
She presses her left hand to her chest and begins to walk with great effort.

She follows the trail of the evil creature that came out of her, and escapes
from the amusement park through the open door of a garage dump.

"A long staircase to the basement...
Just where does it lead to?"
She rests her hand on the wall, and from time to time squats down where she
is standing, as she continues forward via her strong will.

Eventually a long corridor appears in front of her.
The passage spreads out like a blood vessel of the town's underground.
"Who could have made this?
Am I being led somewhere?

It's too late...
My legs are unsteady and color is disappearing from my view.
A monochrome underground passage...
And from time to time a storm of mixed noise..."

A warm breeze ruffles Cybil's blond hair.
Somewhere far off, at the end of this passage, something is burning.

It's dangerous. However, it's because it is dangerous that Cybil must all
the more face it.

The girl is being held prisoner.

Up to this point Cybil did not notice a single signal from the girl that she
was with, and for this reason she is angry with herself.

"When did I run into that small monster?
At the school? The cafe?
Or the bench?

I tried to kill Harry.
What of the unseen force that tried to make me stop him?"

It's hot.
The basement is shaking.
Is it an earthquake, or is Cybil hallucinating?

An explosion.
Light flashes from the front.
And at the same time her cheeks become covered in heat.
"It is close. Not far now.
Something is happening.

The door at the end of the passage is slightly open.
If I can get in there..."

A ) I can still make it in time...I've got to hurry.

B ) Wait, should I go in there...

C ) Things will happen as they will...