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Part 40: A Boy's Scenario (Spring)

this is the ending most like the original. I am compiling the other endings currently, so in the mean time...

here is the Boy's Spring Scenario. A fairly short and interesting piece of Silent Hill lore lost in time.

The Boy?

The Boy is a seven year old boy named Andy who lives in the house next to
Harry and Cheryl Mason. He is also the main character of four scenarios that
could be downloaded into the Play Novel Silent Hill cartridge via cellular
phone. The four scenarios were named for each of the seasons, and thus there
were spring, summer, fall, and winter scenarios.

Unfortunately it is true that the download service has ended, so it may be
impossible to ever really play these scenarios; however, a few "lost memories"
do remain. You can see a picture of Andy on the back of the box of this game.
It is the one in the lower right corner. He also can appear in Cybil's story
taking a certain route in the waterway scene. Andy remains mostly a mystery to
this very day with only the slim bits of info provided by the Play Novel Guide.

Boy's Spring Scenario

Andy goes through his usual morning routine of looking (out his bedroom
window) for the girl who lives next door. He has become unsatisfied with
just looking at her and wants to become friends.

Andy sees Cheryl in the backyard and decides that it is finally time to talk
to her.


A ) moves toward Cheryl and calls out to her.

B ) takes a deep breath to calm himself down.

At the moment he tries to call out to her, the front door of her house opens
and her father appears. Cheryl begins talking with her father.

In order to calm down, Andy closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he
opens his eyes again Cheryl has disappeared.

After secretly sneaking into the vehicle Andy holds his breath so that he will
not be discovered. Then the entire vehicle jerks hard......

Quickly realizing that Cheryl has gone missing, Andy walks around the town in
order to look for her.


A ) he hears someone's footsteps behind him.

B ) the precipice he is standing on crumbles.

A Ending
It is the sound of loafers clicking on the concrete. Perhaps it's Cheryl? Andy
tries to turn around, but his body won't move.

B Ending
The spot where Andy is standing suddenly crumbles away. His body is bumped as
he rolls to the bottom of the incline. He is then unable to move for a

The End