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Original Thread: SimAnt



I recommend reading the thread for all kinds of awesome informational posts regarding ants!

Maxis created SimCity. Then they created SimEarth. Then they decided to make a game about ants because why not.

The goals of this game are to eat a lot of food, murder a lot of ants, and drive a man insane. So, you know, the usual. You do this by controlling a yellow ant, who is Ant Jesus or something with the magical powers of reincarnation with enough charisma to lead an entire army. Also, there's a lot of ant sex and a Wikipedia they made about ants because why not?

This was released on several different computers as well as the SNES. I'll be playing the SNES version mainly because it's less of a pain in the ass to record, and also because the full game's shorter and because it adds scenarios I know nothing about but will probably play anyway. Of course, we lose out on the ability to control a fucking spider, but sacrifices.

There's not really much to this game besides food and murder. As such, this will be a short LP, though I'll be sure to supplement updates with snippets from Antipedia.

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