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Part 4: Antonym

Chapter 4 - Antonym

So I played a bit further, and then ended up overwriting my movie file. I could've just redone it, but meh. Anyway, we're at the point where the red ants have conquered the house, while we've got two major battlefields of constant warfare, with both sides making little progress. Spoilers, we make no progress whatsoever this update.

Here's what you missed: Me waiting a long time for stuff to happen. Also, an awesome battle at the doorstep area where my slowly starving colony constantly fended off a red colony with a numbers and food advantage. Seriously, every single food spawn was on their side, what fucking bullshit is that. Eventually I got fed up and single-handedly murdered their queen. Now I'm leaving so the black colony's numbers can flourish. On to the other battlefield!

You have to babysit these damn battlefields. The longer you let them go, the stronger the opposing colony will be. If we went in earlier, this would've been a breeze. Right now, they're big enough to actually have fun fighting.

Of course, when you have three-to-four times the ants as your side, it still remains pretty damn easy.


Here's a trick to getting your damn colony to actually bother attacking the queen.

Dig away all the dirt protecting her. This makes it much more likely for your ants to wander toward her.

Then we murder her and claim her young as our own.

Yes, we've changed the ant's color and allegiance. Pretty cool stuff.

Well, back to the stoop.

For some reason, our side's blocked off, as those pesky pebbles block a lot of access.

There's a new queen now, but she's still no threat since we have a huge numbers advantage.


Then I go here and nothing happens until both areas get infested again.

Commence numerous instances of regicide.

Now this one's kinda funny.

None of my ants actually bother attacking her, more fascinated they are with the lower tunnels leading nowhere.

The queen has no one to help her, so she uselessly keeps laying eggs.

I oh-so-helpfully place them near the black ants so they can escort them back to our nest.

That's right, the red queen is helping our colony grow. We effectively have two queens working for us.

The red queen realizes this and crawls to the black ant path to commit suicide and stop us from growing.

It's all rather fascinating, and it makes me wonder if such a thing happens in real life.

Then more nothing happens.

Eventually I let time go on long enough that both sides are even.

So I form a blockade and then mass escort the food away.

Rinse and repeat for the next food pile.

Both sides lose the same amount, but the red side's not getting much food.

Eventually I get bored and decide to watch the red side starve. As a bonus, the spider decides to hang out and eat our opponents. The reds try to scare it off, but eventually the spider just gets bored of the free meals and leaves.

I try to block their entrances and starve them more quickly, but they just dig more. Hey, it makes it easier to invade.

So let's invade!

Unfortunately, I don't have the forces to kill this spider, though I do chase it halfway across the damn map before a red ant gets me.


Made it in their nest finally, and they're low on numbers and on food. Quite wonderful, really.

Of course, I die a few times. A nice piece of handiwork, if I do say so myself.

Yet another death, but at this point they're down to five ants with the queen nearly starved to death.

I end up going the "humane" route and having my posse rip the starving queen to shreds.

And so we end the update...exactly how we started. Fuck, this is getting boring.

Next time...I don't know. I'll probably use cheat codes or something to make this shit go faster, even though you can't really cheat in the SNES version.