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Part 7: Annihilation

Chapter 7 - Annihilation

We're finishing this thing today. This will also be our first excursion in the house, and thus something that's actually different.

Welcome to the house.

As you can see, the house's owner is a massive slob. There's debris everywhere, including fucking tacks that he could impale himself on. Plus he leaves food pellets everywhere for the ants to feast on.

There's a couple new insects, flies and cockroaches, but you can't actually interact with them. They just keep to themselves and serve as further representation as to just how fucking filthy this place is.

Seriously, we're doing this guy a favor by taking over his house.

The spider's still around, being an asshole, though there's no caterpillars around either.

Oh yeah, there's no pebbles either. That means no blocking nest access, either to starve the red ants or to protect your nest while you kamikaze into the red faction.

Right, so let's try another space.

There's actually several floor types in the house, though of course the differences are only cosmetic.

Since I can't protect my queen, my plan is to run to their queen, kill her, and then leave after the game confirms she's dead.

I don't bother sticking around to kill the rest of the red ants.

Mainly because immediately after I kill the queen, the square turns black as if there's no red ants left. It didn't do this to me until the last update, so I don't know what's going on. Still, this makes my job a whole lost easier (and faster).

So yeah, imagine me doing this 15 more times.

In the northern-most house tiles, there's yet another floor type. What the fuck is wrong with you, dude.

So yeah, let's skip all that crap.

Now this square is special.

It's the only square to really have a unique screen to itself. There's actually a sink here, which you can't enter because the third dimension doesn't exist in SimAnt.

If only the other squares had variety. Even the stuff like the dog house, stoop, TV, and chair don't have anything.

Of course, it doesn't really change my strategy.

Oh hey, finally got a shot of that cockroach. There ya go, something else to be creeped out by.

Eventually, we get it down to one final red colony, at none other than the man's chair. That's right, the climatic battle is at none other than the man's chair.

...Is this his entire house? Where's his bathroom? Knowing this guy, he probably shits on the floor and lets the insects clean up after him. Well, it's time we show him the error of his sloven ways.

Right, so our strategy for the final area... exactly the same as the last 15 areas.

That's the final queen. The red ants are officially screwed.

And with that, we've won SimAnt. Now it's time to enjoy the ending, in majestic GIF form.

49 areas, with a max of ~300 ants each... Though some areas didn't have that many, or any, we also revisited some twice or more, so in the end we've probably slaughtered around...15,000 red ants? I'd say we did good in the whole "murder" department.

The humans are driven out, except there's apparently a family living there, and the man is much fatter than the one we've seen.

I'm guessing this is the man's family coming to visit their beloved brother or whatever, but are understandably freaked out and flee immediately upon enterting the house. The manchild, however, doesn't understand why they're freaked out and goes back to sitting in his chair, feeding the ants with his slothenly ways. It's a beneficial relationship that helps everyone, except the dog I guess.

Meanwhile, the ants celebrate driving out the strangers. Perhaps they were from the board of health, planning to bulldoze the place before the black ants scared them off. Hell, maybe they planted the red ants, hoping to have them bite him into submission. Fortunately, the manchild had faith in his black brethren to save him from their torment. And all he had to give them in exchange was his house.

Perhaps the manchild was the yellow ant all along, controlling her as a robot?

They all wiggle around all creepy-like. You're welcome for me not animating that (that and the file'd be too big).

So that's SimAnt.

Did you know Will Wright was on Battlebots? Actually made a few bots based on Chia Pets. They didn't do so well, sadly.

There's a few text transitions they mess around with, including a "bouncing from a corner" one. I'm not going to show you them, though, as that would rob you the incentive to play this game to see these effects for yourself.

I will show off all the funny names, though.

And now for my thanks. Thanks to the many of you who posted such fantastic ant facts. It's you guys who really elevated this thread into something awesome, and I honestly think this LP was successful much more from the thread participation than from me showing the game off. So thanks a ton for helping making this thread awesome.