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Part 8: Scenario 1 - In the Park

Scenario 1 - In the Park

Exclusive to the SNES version of SimAnt is Scenario Mode.

Basically, you have eight scenarios of increasing difficulty. I've never really touched the mode, but I hear the later scenarios can actually be difficult. This time, I won't be using any cheats.

Let's start the first scenario, then.

Each scenario is black vs red, with the goal being to kill the red queen. Of course, to do that, you have to build up an army first.

Also, each scenario has its own unique map. They put more effort into these scenarios than the full game, even if you're pretty much doing the same thing each scenario (at least from the two I've played so far).

So yeah, for awhile you're just delivering food while waiting for more ants to be born.

Hilariously, the scenario starts out by making half your ants breeders. Breeders are completely useless in Scenario mode, so it's really there to make you remember to mess with caste and behavior settings.

There we go. We'll need a good army to take on the red ants, after all.

So weird to be hungry again. Oh well, either we're near food or near ants, so it's no biggie.

There's a few random pellets to the south, but our first big food source is to the east. Fortunately, the spider's tormenting the red ants.

Focus on foraging, followed by nursing. Who cares about digging.

Eventually, more ants are born.

Recruit, release, repeat.

Then I start my first march against the reds.

In Scenario mode, you really want to avoid fighting reds with your yellow.

Not that the reds will give you any breathing room, of course.

Eventually they catch and kill me.

You pretty much always want to go Soldier in Scenario.

You may have noticed the number next to the yellow ant in the status bar. You actually have lives, thus the need to avoid combat, especially since combat's rather random.

Still, the goal of the game is murder, and murder we shall do.

At least we're wiping the fuckers out.

As usual, the strategy is to clear away as much dirt as possible so your sisters will actually kill the damn queen.


Immediately after the game recognizes the red queen as dead, you save and progress to the next scenario.

Of course, after each scenario is this little cutscene where you see a new queen settle, but it seems to be the same for each one.

Next time, we'll travel to the garden!