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Part 9: Scenario 2 - In the Garden

Scenario 2 - In the Garden

The next scenario takes place in the garden. It's slightly harder to win, in that there's a chance that you might lose if you do nothing.

Yeah, the first few scenarios are a breeze, and this one will be very short.

This one also gets a unique map, complete with pretty little flowers.

Here's a layout of the map. The gardens block access, so the only routes are above and below the main block. Of course, the food and proximity of the lower path means there's no reason to go above.

Butterflies liven the place up a bit. You also start with a worker ant with the Caste being an even split between Workers and Soldiers, so you don't even have to mess with it.

There's...really no different strategy other than "Gather food until you have enough ants to murder the red ants."

Oh, and making sure you eat occasionally.

Eventually, more black ants are born.

And I have decent enough numbers to make an early attack on the reds.

And...I win with no real opposition. At least early on, you may as well attack the red ants as soon as possible. We'll see if this advice holds for future scenarios.

Next time, we'll be traveling to the yard. Joy.