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Part 10: Scenario 3 - In the Yard

Scenario 3 - In the Yard

I'll be honest, this scenario is also very short, so let's get to it.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the antlion.

If you're dumb enough to get close to him, he will feast on you. Oddly enough, he's absent from the main game, yet besides maybe the spider he's still one of the more well-known ways to die.

Other than that, there's neat obstacles to look at, even if they don't affect anything.

The food's a good march away, though at least it's not near the red ants.

So, as usual, we begin with the tedious gathering of food. I wish the other ants would be born more quickly.

Also, it rains pretty often, as the scenario text suggests. This means quite a bit of babysitting the food and recruiting/releasing to keep the trails fresh.

Also, that snail is fucking huge. No clue if it can kill you or if it just glides over you effortlessly.

Be prepared to starve a lot. Make sure to replenish from the queen so you didn't waste time bringing in food you ate yourself.

I don't know how the water levels works, but right now our ants aren't drowning despite it looking like that. Normally, it won't get nearly this high.

Anyway, eventually I get a nice portion of ants to lead to the reds.

It ends poorly for me.

But before I could make it back there and relead the charge, my sisters kill the queen for me. Hooray!

Next time, we visit the house, where I encounter actual difficulty!