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Part 12: Scenario 5 - On the Road

Scenario 5 - On the Road

We're going back outdoors, this time hanging out near the road.

Oh yeah, it's fucking god damn hot. The game says your hunger drains faster, but who knows for sure.

Of course, the food is right in the middle of the road.

The main problem with the scenarios is that the first several minutes are always boring as hell, as you just go back and forth between the food pile and your nest. There's no way to make this exciting, and I'll have to do the same boring-ass shit three more times, not including game overs.

But in the meantime, HOLY FUCK.

Now that I've got ants, it's murder time.

Also, there's a dickhole antlion chilling in the middle of the fucking road. He must be a real idiot.

Who the hell drew this on a busy road.

The cars seem to only drive on the white lines, leaving most of the actual road safe. Fortunately, I never did get run over.

I end up winning despite my ant still fighting the queen. Oh well.

Next time, we move to the river. I promise that the last three scenarios will actually have things happen.