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Part 13: Scenario 6 - By the River

Scenario 6 - By the River

I don't like this scenario too much.

Of course, it looks cool with the massive dragonflies and the various amounts of litter.

The main problem is all the obstructions blocking your way. You can see that there are two tiny paths we can use to access the right side, where the food is.

Unfortunately, the game's pathfinding is shit, so you kinda have to babysit your ant to get her to reach the damn food.

Already the reds and us are competing for the same food source. It's gonna get ugly.

Oh yeah, the other ants are also too stupid to do proper pathfinding, so they're bound to get stuck unless you go below and guide them through that small opening. This is how ants "get lost." They literally turn their shoddy programming into a "feature." Far from the first time, of course.

It also rains a lot, which means even when they do find the food, you'll still have to constantly babysit them. This is one map where the reds truly have an advantage.

It's tough to keep the blue side fed, which also gets us behind a bit against the red side. I also already let this thing go on too long since there's more than ten red ants alive.

Just gotta keep on gathering.

And keep on fighting.

See, this is what I'm up against. This is why I blitz every damn scenario.

Get some bad luck and get killed.

Stumble into another battle, though at least I win this one. Still, you never want to fight when at all possible.


Once you get close to their nests, some red ants will chase you to the ends of the fucking earth just to kill you. All you can hope for is that you keep running until your sisters take some hits for you.

At this point, I make a desperate rush at their queen in the vain hope that I'll actually kill her and luck out. worked! Crisis averted!

Next time, we chill under a porch, where more exciting things happen (really).