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Part 14: Scenario 7 - Under the Porch

Scenario 7 - Under the Porch

I'd argue this one is the most difficult scenario, as 8 is more unique than challenging.

To start, the red side starts with all the food.

Dividing the two sides is the porch, which constantly has kids slamming their hands down with a chance of squashing you or your fellow ants. And we have to go back and forth to get the food back. Fortunately, this isn't a huge threat.

No, the biggest bullshit is the spider spawning on our side, eating the ants on my side.

Needless to say, it's not a good start.

Eventually I clear out a food pile and even unintentionally lured the spider to the other side.

I don't think any food will ever spawn outside the red side. This map is quite fiendish, really.

This is especially bad when you're trying to recruit/release food piles, as red ants can come out of nowhere and murder you when you're not paying attention, like they do to me here.

On the bright side, the spider's now feasting on those fuckers.






Yeah, let's straight-out fight them.

Of course, the main tactic is to hide yourself behind a wall of ants, as the reds will aim for you, and I certainly don't want to die.

Not that you can actually see the black ants on this map, but my main force is pretty much destroyed, and though I kill off a bunch of the reds, they still have the advantage of being organized, while I can't get any more fucking slacker black ants to come die for me, the jerks.

At any rate, I try to lure what few blacks I have to the queen.

It doesn't work, and I escape to regroup.

I recruit in vain. You may notice the red side doubling me. Yeah, I'm kinda fucked at this point.

So again I make a desperate gamble to try to kill the queen and hope everything works out.

Nope. Game over. Time to restart.

Food? What food?

Eventually a good source pops up, and I somehow manage to get an early advantage on black ants.

Naturally, I take advantage of this and rush the shit out of the queen.

Hey, it worked the past six times.

Next time, I do the final scenario, and I find a way to win without blitzing the red queen!