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Part 15: Scenario 8 - In the Woods

Scenario 8 - In the Woods

This is the last scenario, and it's...kind of an odd one. There's nothing that can kill you besides the spider, the red ants, and starvation.

But... we kinda don't have to worry about that last one, as we start with plenty of food.

Yes, the final scenario is nothing but food. The entire map is fucking coated with it.

So, while still grindy, at least food farming isn't difficult.

Soon I'm recruit/releasing all over the damn map.

Multiple holes is actually helpful, as new ones may end up being right next to more food.

Of course, I make a few visits to the red side to deplete their food a bit, not that it really does anything because there is just so much god damn food on this map.

These red ants are as vindicative as ever, if not more so. Just because you've got unlimited food doesn't mean you should dick around, as the reds want you dead more than ever.

So much food.

It's incredibly easy to lose focus of your ant and end up having a red kill you. It's generally a good idea to stay on your side unless you're actively attacking the reds.

Like so.

After that, I stop for...some reason and go back to hoarding food.


So, usually I just blitz the queen once I got a few ants going. This time, I opt for something different.

I decide to have fun with them, block the nest in and let them starve a bit so I can get a nice numbers advantage.


So of course it works well.

Perhaps too well.

They're... they were too fucking stupid to dig another exit.

They literally just sit there like idiots and wait to die.

And so the red queen starved to death on the map literally covered with food.

And with that, I've won all the scenarios, and without cheating I might add.

Unfortunately, the scenario ending isn't that stellar.

And then the credits, which I'll spare you again.

...And that's everything! Thanks a lot for following this LP! Thanks to Explosionface for more awesome avatars, as always, and a huge thanks to all the awesome goons who posted all sorts of wonderful ant and insect facts! Definitely made doing the LP worth it.

Never fuck with ants.