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by Moon Slayer, Deryl

Part 20

Alternate ending number one of two!

Light flooded the room. I was seized with fear, my mind flashing back to every police movie I had seen, certain that a SWAT team would come crashing through the window at any second. But everything stayed quiet. I looked to the others in confusion. They both had looks of terror on their faces.

: Oh my god.

:, we were too late.

: What? What is it?

I walked to the window. The light was coming from up the river.

: What in the...

: What is that thing?

: It's him, he's found us.

At that moment there was a huge crash as the front door was blasted off its hinges. The last thing I saw was a huge figure moving impossibly fast as my ears were filled with screams, and then I felt the sensation of being dragged down, down into darkness.

: Oh my god. come quickly! He's awake! His eyes are open. Where is that doctor?

My mom was now standing at the foot of the bed, looking at me.

: You ARE awake. Oh, I'm so glad. But you need to tell us something.

: I need to brush my teeth.

: What?

I pushed myself out of bed.

: I need to brush my teeth.

I grabbed my IV pole and headed to the bathroom.

: No, we need to know something right away. What happened to Deryl? He's been missing for three weeks! Where's De...

I shut the door to the bathroom in her face. I picked up the tube of toothpaste that had been sitting there, probably for my parent's use when they slept at the hospital. After staring at it for a while I started to squeeze it into the sink. I started to laugh.

: hehehe...where's Deryl?

I leaned forward rapidly, smashing my forehead against the mirror. It cracked and I looked up into it, at my reflection, blood running down my forehead.


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