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SimCity 2000

by Moon Slayer, Deryl

Part 7

Holy crap, two updates in two days! The sad thing is that this LP is going faster now that classes have started than it did when I was on vacation. That probably says something about our ability to be distracted by other things when Deryl and I hang out, but I'm too impatient to try and figure out what it is.

: There's something wrong with the radio.

: What do you mean?

: You said that the new radio station was going on the air today, right? 89.3 FM, right?

Deryl looked up from his couch. I referred to it as "his" couch now because he slept on it every night and after that I didn't particularly want to sit on it anymore, so I effectively ceded control of it to him. I was sitting at the kitchen table with a small radio, trying to tune in.

: Yeah, that's the station. I was listening to it at work today. Not very good, if you ask me. Which nobody does. There should be more going on the air in the next few days.

: Well I've got this radio on the station but I'm not picking up anything. I don't think I am, anyway. It sounds like I've almost got it tuned in, but then... Of course, the fact that I don't get any other stations on the radio is weird too.

: Yes, well, while you fool around with the radio, I'm working on the next step in the town's expansion.

: Oh yeah, what's that?

: Our industrial sector is really lagging behind. Particularly with the boom in residents and business. We need to restore the balance quickly. It's not exactly healthy.

: Hm? Oh, sure. What were you thinking? What would be a good place to slap in some industry zones?

: Up in the older area of the city, north of the river. We should probably zone for some residential up there too, since people here prefer to move in really close to their work.

: Ok, go ahead with that. I've almost got this station...

Later I would find out the new zones developed quickly, even for this freakish place. Industry was in high demand, it seemed.

When I asked why, Deryl made another cryptic "restoring the balance" remark. But at the time, I was more focused on the static coming from the radio.

: There it is! Wait, no, lost it. I'll go back...

: Oh yes, check out the latest newspaper column. We're getting a lot of requests for, I guess you would call them "entertainment buildings." Here, take a look.

: Ok, let's look into it. Almost there...I can almost hear something.

: That's great. Listen, I'm going out tonight. We're getting some complaints about street light placement in the New City Name neighborhood, so I'm going on a tour with Jim to see what's up.

: Sounds fascinating.

I continued to fiddle with the radio. It was already late when Deryl left, and it had been a long day, so I think I dozed off with my head down on the table and my hand on the dial. It must have been about two in the morning when I awoke suddenly. I must have gotten so used to the sound of static that the new sound jolted me awake. But it wasn't a radio station, at least not any that I had heard. The sound was faint, but it was distinct.


: What the hell?

And that was it. Just a steady, constant beeping, almost too faint to hear. What the hell was going on in this place?

Choice time! We've got plenty of zones, residents, and money, so now we get to expand to some greater things! So, what should we do? We can build the stuff the residents demand, or we can ignore them like the horrible city managers we are. There are other ways to expand, seaports, airports, more zones, etc. What do you think?