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by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Simon The Sorcerer 3D



What's this all about?

This is an adventure game released in 2002 by Adventuresoft, it's not just in 3D it's also the 3rd in a series of adventure games. I did a Let's Play of the first two games many years ago which are available on the archive here:

It's not really required to play or watch the first two games, but it probably helps as this game continues straight on from where the second game left off. There is a small recap at the start of this game.

A 3D adventure game from 2002?

Oh yes! This game was originally developed in the traditional point 'n' click style from the first two games. You may very well be aware that adventure games became a dying genre and this game was being developed right in the middle of it all. Also during this period, LucasArts had some with success of Grim Fandango and Escape From Monkey Island. Adventuresoft decided to scrap a project which was very much in development and started completely fresh with a 3D engine. This game went through development hell, the change of engine initially causing an 18-month delay from their original release date to start with. Changes in publishers also caused further delays, two years after the game was developed it was finally released after the developers decided to finance it themselves. This is the last game that the developer's ever released. I'll go into more details a bit later on as I want to keep this brief.

This isn't exactly a bad game, it's not exactly a good game either.

Is this game available to buy?

Yes, it's currently available to buy here: The normal price is $5.99 but it's known to be on sale from time to time. As with all GOG games, it should run on modern day PC's with no real fuss. The engine was dated even when it was released so don't expect much at in terms of optimisation. I will go into more details about some things later.

LP details

I will aim to post at least one update a week, some weeks I should be able to fit in a couple. My work pattern means that I can't really have fixed dates or times, unfortunately. This is my first time working with a 3D game, I'm very much used to point 'n' click but I will try to do what I normally do with transitions during the later gameplay and skipping anything that repeats.

You can talk about the first two games freely as long as it doesn't spoil anything in this one, if it does have any potential spoilers then please use the appropriate tags.

Let's Play: Simon The Sorcerer 3D

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