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Part 1: Day 0: Meet the Gang

Sorry G_Z! I had to close signups or I never would've got started.

On that note...

Day 0: Meet the Gang

The loading screens are cute sometimes.

Here's the cast of characters...

A Five Year Old Meme (a.k.a meme)

Here's her real face.

meme's traits:
Inappropriate. She says things without thinking, she does things without thinking, and if she insults you she doesn't care.
Couch Potato. She's lazy! She sleeps a lot and likes to watch TV. She won't work out on her own, I can order her to but boy she won't be happy about it.
Party Animal. WOO! PARTY!
Excitable. Everything is exciting! She'll get excited about the smallest things, providing a boost to her mood.
Childish. She's easily bored and loves to have fun. She's also afraid of ghosts I guess.

Aspiration: Super Popular. She wants to have 20 friends! With her Inappropriate trait, this might be difficult, especially as she's too lazy to actually go and meet people. Since she is almost literally a child, I don't think even her housemates will like her very much.

Burger, pop music, the colour blue. Her voice is irritatingly high-pitched.

This was super weird, the game randomised Meme's favourite colour, food and music to be exactly what I intended it to be. This game is creepy sometimes.

Almost all of Meme's outfit is custom content, stuff I've downloaded off the internet. Her hair, too. The gloves are base game, as are the glasses, but... that's it. I don't know what shoes an anime wears but everyone likes boots. I think those leggings are KICKING RAD. The Sims is not great at doing massive amounts of jewellery unfortunately. I have another dress like this one, except it has Nyan Cat on it. You can wear that if you prefer. Also, your name was too long, sorry. We'll just call you Meme.

There wasn't a hairstyle that was exactly right - it was either straight with bangs, or curly with no bangs. We can always change things up later if you don't like it. We might have to, in fact, since that hairstyle really doesn't photograph well. The only thing that's permanent is a sim's facial structure - hair, makeup, clothes can all be changed at any time, and a sim's body type can be changed by pigging out on food (to get fat) or working out (to get thin). Some sims are genetically inclined to be fat, so for them working out is only a temporary solution. With the Master Controller mod, I can edit a sim's face and body type as well. Do feel free to call me out if I've got you wrong, everyone!

Umbilical Lotus (a.k.a. Lotus)

Here's the real deal!

Lotus's traits:
Committment Issues. She has trouble holding down a relationship and definitely does not handle the thought of marriage very well. She also isn't great at sticking to one career path, she hates to feel trapped.
Light Sleeper. She's easily woken up. She doesn't need to sleep as much as other sims.
Loves the Outdoors. Being outside makes her happy! She hates being cooped up indoors.
Bookworm. Lots of people wanted it, Lotus got it. She loves to read and can write higher-quality books than most others. She also gets a little mood boost if she's in a room with a bookcase
Snob. She's a little self-involved. She loves compliments and only wants the best of everything. Living in crappy little Goon Manor is going to be tough for her.

Aspiration: Become a Creature-Robot Crossbreeder. That science ambition has to go somewhere. She wants to reach level 9 of the Science career track. This isn't so hard to achieve if you're focusing on job performance, but since there's five other sims to pay attention to, it might be tricky.

Steak, classical music, the colour purple.

Fairly basic here. I think the hair is custom content but everything else comes with the base game. Sorry that your shirt shows your tummy, but check out those guns! As with Meme, your name was too long, so you're Lotus from hereon out. You like Classical music because that's as close as I could get to death metal, I guess. I was quite happy with how Lotus turned out, despite the bad-quality photo.

Psycho Serum

We'll be seeing him do this a lot.

The real Psycho Serum.

Psych's traits:
Evil. Goes without saying, I mean just look at this guy's rap sheet. He's also British, British guys are always the bad guys. He gets happy when other people are sad, and he wins fights easily. He has a bunch of unique interactions, and also certain regular interactions are changed in name only - for example, he can take an Evil Shower, or do an Evil Dance, or sleep an Evil Slumber. He can also steal candy from babies. He's pretty evil. I'll show off all the extra stuff he can do at some point.
Hot-Headed. He's irritable. Things just make him mad a lot. He sure as hell doesn't appreciate people being mean or rude to him! He doesn't get sad, just angry.
Unlucky. You've gotta be unlucky to get probated so often. Bad things happen to him a lot This goes quite well with Hot-Headed, since when shit goes wrong he will get super pissed about it.
Kleptomaniac, because I want one in the household and he only gave a short description. He can steal things! But only when no one else is around, and I can't tell him what to steal... he'll just swipe something random in the room, from a lamp to a chair to a bath. His pockets are pretty big. He can only steal three items per day, and only at night.
Green Thumb. He likes trees! And other plants I guess, maybe. He's got a natural talent for gardening and can even talk to his plants if he gets lonely.

Aspiration: The Perfect Garden. Psycho Serum wants to raise 8 different types of perfect plants. Plants come in categories, from normal to nice to great to outstanding to perfect; this depends on the gardening skill level of the sim who cultivates them. This is a time-consuming aspiration for sure, but I'll try and prod Psych in the right direction. We'll talk more about skill points soon.

Key Lime Pie, just as sweet as Psycho Serum (which is to say, sour). French music, because we English hate the French amirite?? And the colour blue.

The Gardening skill is only used in the Science career path. This means the Green Thumb trait would be more suited to Lotus, unless Psych also thinks Science is for him. She can manage without it though - her Loves the Outdoors trait will also help her a lot, giving her a natural affinity towards learning the Gardening skill - and Psych can potentially make money by selling the produce he grows.

Do you have an eyebrow piercing Psych? It kinda looks like you might, but either way The Sims 3 does not do piercings. I guess there's mods for it but all the ones I've seen have been shitty. Also, while I have the ability to apply tattoos, since I don't have Ambitions the selection is... poor. I've given you some super dumb ones anyway! There was no hat quite like yours, so I opted to go without, though I was tempted to give you a super-cool sideways baseball cap! Psych uses no custom content beyond his tattoos.


I forgot to take a headshot of you Kirby, sorry

Here's real-life Kirby.

Speaking of things we'll be seeing a lot of... Yeah. This is Kirby freaking out. The reason is...

...his traits.
Athletic. Since he's a military man, this trait is a no-brainer! He likes to work out, he likes to talk about exercise, and you'd better not complain about exercise when he's in earshot! Meme's Couch Potato trait is really going to bother him.
Adventurous. This is one of the three traits added in World Adventures. He really loves going to new places! He always wants to go on vacation and is happiest when he's exploring tombs and fighting mummies and stuff.
Friendly. He likes to make friends.
Daredevil. Poor decisions? OH BOY! He has some special interactions, mostly similar to the Evil trait: he can do EXTREME!! versions of everyday things. He has an unnatural affinity towards fire.
Neurotic. It's not all good. He struggles with life sometimes and is often stressed. He can freak out, which calms him down. He also tends to worry about whether he's left the faucet or the oven on. This is why he's flipping the fuck out up there.

Aspiration: Jack of All Trades. He wants to reach level 5 of four different careers. He won't ever be sitting still for long!

Shawarma (kind of like a burrito right?), Chinese music (), the colour green.

Sexy/casual enough for you Kirby? Well wait 'til you see this:

This is what the game decided Kirby should wear for formal occasions. Needless to say, I kept it as-is.

I don't think Kirby uses any custom content, but both his outfit and his hair are from World Adventures.

Generous Rex

Forgot to take a headshot of you too Rex, sorry. How did you fit into those trousers?!

Aaaand there's another thing we'll be seeing a lot of. Rex is very weepy.

Real-life Rex looks like this.

Rex's traits:
Artistic. He likes to paint pictures and loves talking about art. When he's got some free time, his first stop will be the easel.
Slob. Hooray! Our first slobby sim! He's incredibly messy and doesn't care about living in filth. He doesn't even care if he hasn't showered in days. He'll also quite happily eat spoiled and burnt food.
Good Sense of Humour. He likes to kid around and tell jokes. His jokes will always go down well.
Easily Impressed. Everything impresses him, especially other sims! He's pretty humble on the whole, but he loves hearing about other people. He's gonna get on quite well with Lotus, who is a Snob and loves to talk about herself.
Over-Emotional. Everything hits him harder than normal! The good things are SUPER GOOD! But the bad things are SUPER BAD. This trait is kind of a double-edged sword. It takes less to make him happy, but his mood can U-turn very, very quickly.

Aspiration: Master of the Arts. He wants to max out his Painting and Guitar skills.

Cookies, electronica, the colour brown.

I took some artistic license with some of your traits, you were the last one I designed and it was tricky to avoid making you the same as someone else. But you'll be interesting for sure. Hope you don't mind Rex's hair is custom content, as is the shirt, I think. Rex's hair is also awful. Sorry. The Converse are ironic.


I remembered a headshot, hooray!

This is 19LL all forlorn. Again, a running theme.

Here is his real face.

19LL's traits:
Hopeless Romantic. Aww, he just wants to find his special someone He's easier to flirt with because he grabs onto the chance of love and DOES NOT LET GO. If he gets hurt by his lover he'll be super upset. He likes to watch romantic soap operas on the TV.
Dislikes Children. He doesn't like talking to kids - hell, he doesn't like being in the same room as kids. He'll be mean to them if he gets the chance. He'll definitely have problems with Meme, who is childish.
Computer Whiz. This was another popular one, but it fits 19LL quite well. He loves his computer! He'll learn skills quicker on the computer, make friends quicker online, and is able to Hack more effectively. He can also Overclock the computer. I don't know exactly what that does...
Loner. He gets nervous around lots of people and prefers to spend time on his own. He doesn't need to interact with people as much as everyone else. Remember that Meme is a Party Animal? Yeah, 19LL is going to hate her.
Genius. He says it himself: he's very intelligent! This fits well with Computer Whiz - he gets more out of playing chess on the computer, can Hack better, and can do math problems to earn some money on the side.

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim. He wants to max out three different skills. I'll talk about skills in an update soon.

Cheesesteak, indie music, the colour blue.

19LL doesn't use any custom content. I struggled with making his face the most. Hope the resemblance is good enough!

The girls. I did the sim-making in two separate sessions, because sim-making is hard work. As you can see I changed Meme's outfit a bit when I realised it was a bit too pink.

The boys. What kind of pose is that, 19LL?

The house is now occupied. 4/6 for difficulty, phew! If there were babies involved, it'd be a full 6-bar difficulty house, but playing with a bunch of (alleged) grownups is a lot easier.

I tried not to double up on traits, so everyone is different! This means we have a lot of conflicting traits. There'll be drama for sure. Meme is going to be the punching bag of the house, I predict - she is gonna clash with 19LL especially. Psycho Serum is going to be in the centre of the drama too, since he's Evil and Hot-Headed. Rex is gonna bug everyone by leaving mess all around, but he's so funny they won't mind all that much. KirbyKhan's got a weird combination of traits, I can't decide whether he's going to be best friends with everyone or alienate them all. Lotus is another unknown, we'll have to wait and see.

Well there you go. Sorry to everyone who didn't make it in, we won't have seen the last of you. I've played and capped half of day 1, which is going to be a super-long introductory day, so that'll be coming later today.