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by eating only apples

Part 2: Day 1: Part 1.

Day 1: Part 1.

Here's the lineup. Awkwardly standing around on the lawn, as sims tend to do. To refresh your memories, left to right: Generous Rex, 19LettersLong, Umbilical Lotus, a 5 year old meme, Psycho Serum, KirbyKhan.

Lotus rolls a want!

Since her lifetime aspiration is to reach the high levels of Science, straight away she's hankering to sign up. We'll get her on that once everyone's settled in.

where we're going we won't need eyes to see

Oh 19LettersLong, what's wrong?

Oh, I see. Since 19LL is a loner, he's really uncomfortable being in a crowd of strangers like this. This is a negative moodlet. Red moodlets are bad. He doesn't have many good moodlets right now, so this is affecting him more than it should.

Generous Rex is already doing his thing, and looks a bit silly doing it.

While 19LL beats a hasty retreat, Meme cackles about books. She sure is excited.

Hugging a sunflower makes 19LL feel better

He's actually just admiring it. The first thing sims do when dumped into a new house is check out the scenery. The sunflower meets with 19LL's approval. We're going to have to expand the garden somewhat or Psych will get cranky.

Meme continues to be weird, doing handpuppets and daydreaming about unicorns. She definitely is an anime.

Lotus already has three positive moodlets. Green moodlets are good! The first one, the sparkly bag, is because of all the new stuff. She likes new stuff.

The tree is her unique moodlet from her Loves the Outdoors trait, and the one on the right is because apparently this lot is SUPER BEAUTIFUL. Everyone is going to have a mood boost as long as they're on this lot.

Staring at a wall is all the rage these days.

Lotus is first to cross the threshold! So let's have a proper tour of the house, shall we?

Here's a creepy fisheye view of the lounge, Grandma decor and all.

Ditto the kitchen. The entrance to the kitchen is behind the stairs.

The upstairs landing.

Here's the Bird Room. This wallpaper was patched in after the Pets expansion was released.

Cat Room! Yeugh.

grandma nooooo

fuckin dinosaur room

Dogroom. The little green circle off to the left there shows where your active sim is if he's offscreen.

And downstairs again, here's the study, complete with a bookshelf we borrowed from the elementary school, apparently.

Lotus, true to her nature, makes a beeline for the books.

Huh? What's with that angry posture, Meme?

Oh. Really? Poor Kirby.

Psycho Serum approves, but KirbyKhan is really upset. This isn't a good start!

While Kirby pouts, Psych bitches because he wants to talk to Meme, but Kirby is blocking the way. Sims pathing is... janky.

Kirby's gone from sad to mad. Mad at Psycho Serum apparently. The drama is starting early.

He gets his first negative moodlet from Meme being mean to him.

You could at least pretend to be interested in Rex's artchat, 19LL.

Here's the socialisation bar. It appears whenever your active sim interacts with another. It tells you what the target thinks about the active sim, what their relationship is, and what's in the active sim's queue. Rex has already started befriending 19LL.

Note that Psycho Serum has forced his way into the queue, cancelling whatever Rex was saying to 19LL.

Psych wants to talk about burglaries RIGHT NOW.

Despite the fact that Rex is supposed to be the weepy one of the family, 19LL seems to be unhappy every time I look at him.

What's going on now?


Since 19LL is a Genius, people are impressed by his intelligence. Also, Rex is Easily Impressed, so presumably 19LL is just wowing him right now.

what the fuck 19LL he's right there you dick.

This happened within seconds of Rex's compliment, no rhyme or reason to it.

Lotus is still reading, by the way, and shows no interest in socialising with her new housemates.

Meme and KirbyKhan are back together. Meme is laughing at Kirby's humiliation. She's not defying any expectations here.

I missed it, but after Meme left him, Kirby freaked out. I just heard a shriek from the other side of the house. Freaking out will disturb anyone who sees it, but it gives him a little positive moodlet for ages.

Also here you can see the other half of the toolbar. Up right now is the Relationship Panel, showing at a glance how the active sim is getting on with others. Kirby is doing okay so far, beginning to befriend Psych, Rex and 19LL.

I'll show the other toolbar tabs soon.

Complete strangers bonding over TV. Just like real life.


Kirby does the honours.

Hello, Fluffy. May your life be long and fruitful. Also that texture definitely didn't load right.

Psych starts up a conversation. He's proving to be far friendlier than I was expecting.

listen to me goddammit

Lotus has finished her book, and now she's playing Madden. Go figure.

She's also rolled two more Wants to go along with her sciencey one. The spanner is a Handiness skill want - she just wants to start learning to be handy. She can read books to do that, or fiddle around with fixing broken objects. Nothing's broken yet. Touch wood.

I don't think 3 books is an entire library's worth, game.

She'll gain 750 Lifetime Happiness from fulfulling this Want. All Wants give Lifetime Happiness points, from as little as 100 to more than 2000. These can be spent on rewards, so it's worth trying to keep your sims happy.

The grinning green face moodlet is because she's having a fucking great time playing Madden! The painting moodlet is because the room is well-decorated, and the chair is because she's comfy.

Generous Rex and 19LL are still bullshitting in the garden. They haven't even stepped inside the house yet. Also, balloon!

it's not going so well

Almost all the household have rolled Wants related to their Lifetime Aspiration. 19LL also is thinking about joining the Music career for some reason, though it's not set in stone just yet. To gain Lifetime Happiness points from a want, you have to set it by clicking it, as I have with his Logic want.

KirbyKhan is an awkward goon.

When no one pays attention to him, he wanders off and stares out of the kitchen window, thinking about his humiliation. This is really bothering him.

Still bullshitting. Rex says something, 19LL shoots him down. Rinse and repeat.

Hey, that's more like it! Since Rex has a Good Sense of Humour, his jokes will always be well-received. I don't know any jokes about cloches but 19LettersLong seems impressed. I think that's the first time he's smiled

Psycho Serum is very serious about his TV-watching.

At last Rex and 19LL go inside and Meme what are you staring at?

Kirby is still standing alone at the kitchen window, only now he's shadowboxing with his reflection.

He's rolled wants related to athletics. I'll send him off to the gym at some point.


Meme. Meme you're creepy. Meme please stop staring at him.

19LL is oblivious to his admirer, since whatever's on TV is SUPER EXCITING.

synchronised hand-rubbing

These two are also bonding over the TV show, which is nice. When relationship points are gained, it's displayed above their heads. Pretty self-explanatory.

Goddammit Meme. I'm out.

Claim your bedrooms!

Remember there's only five! First come, first serve. Bedroom choices will be instigated on day 2. Tonight they'll sleep wherever they like.