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Part 3: Day 1: Part 2

Day 1: Part 2

While loading a neighbourhood, the game spits out little tips like this. I like our family portrait. There's always one guy lounging on the ground for no reason. Does Rex think it makes him look cool?

We're back where we left off at 4PM on Sunday. Lotus has emerged from her cave for some social interaction.

It's not going well. This is starting to become a theme.

"FUCK THA PO-LICE no wait hang on, I mean the opposite."

Literally six hours in the house and already she wants to party.

She also wants to learn the guitar and make a friend

Rex is keen to do his arty things. We'll go on a trip with him to the gallery at some point.

Psycho Serum is... Psycho Serum.

His other two wants are just to learn the gardening skill and take a class in the gardening skill. We don't have much money right now but I'm sure he can do it some time.

I've given up trying to work out what 19LettersLong is talking about, but once he starts yakking he does not stop. At least Meme looks interested.

Here's an example of one of the Story Progression mod's popups. I got about a hundred of these at once.

If you were wondering what happened to Lotus, well... here she is. Sorry your sim is being so boring, Lotus!

Sounds like a good book though.


Peeking at a girl through a window. Now I feel creepy. She's playing Madden I think.

Okay, so here's the NRaas options. You get here by clicking your active sim - in this case Psycho Serum - and selecting NRaas. Let's take a look in the Story Progression module, shall we?

And that's just the Sim options. There's also General, Town, Household, Lot and Immigration options, most as large as this one.

For the most part it's easy once you get the hang of it, but there's still a ton of options I've never touched.

And here's some of Psych's special interactions. He's so evil! It doesn't actually change anything.

There's one of Kirby's, along with all the computer options. Everything has a NRaas button now, but mostly it won't do much.

kirby run



Psych hops up and goes to find Kirby. What's that behind him?

totally wanna watch that show.

Trash talkin'!

Kirby fights back, but he's humiliated again.

They take a big relationship hit. I feel bad for KirbyKhan actually, he's getting picked on quite a lot and hasn't really had any friendly interactions with anyone. I guess he's an easy target for someone like Psycho Serum, being Friendly (and thus a bit of a pushover, he hates being mean).

Wait, what's going on now?


It's hard to tell, but Kirby just scooped up a ton of dirt from the floor and shoved it in his mouth.


Kirby is now utterly terrified of Psycho Serum.

He's pissed as hell, but also super hungry. What a dilemma! You can't see properly, but imagine that Psych has the biggest shit-eating grin on his face right now.

Psych hones in on another target.

It's like he knows what's coming.

19LettersLong is safe... for now.

Kirby delves in the fridge. Look at this crazyass food.

Looks... healthy.

Kirby is totally buzzing right now from chowing down on that dirt. He spends a while running everywhere.

Meanwhile, 19LL is all about the Logic.


Lotus isn't making much progress on her book. The three of them have been sitting around for quite a while now, lazy bastards.

There's Meme's creepy stare again. She's not even playing her game any more, she's just sitting there staring at the flower vase.

Our artist finally starts to art. He's ambitious to say the least.

Grub's up! A nice salad, with zero opportunity to set the kitchen on fire. Maybe next time.

Meme relocates to the lounge. I'm feeling some chemistry here for sure.


These two dine together and have a bit of a chat as they do so. Finally someone is nice to Kirby

Meme, I'm not saying that this disturbs me, but... okay this disturbs me. Kirby's the one who's supposed to like fire, thanks to his Daredevil trait. Meme is really starting to weird me out.

When 19LL got up to go to the can, Psycho Serum stared him the fuck down. It's coming. One day. Soon.

I'm still more scared of Meme.

I don't even know what prompted this, but at least Psych is happy. I think it was because a bunch of people were busting for a piss.

Or maybe because Meme is starving but can't be bothered to get up from the couch.

Kirby is close to pissing himself. Sadly he makes it into the bathroom in time, but it was a near miss.


This is my favourite image so far.

I took this screenshot to show how close Meme is to pissing herself, and also how hungry she is, but then I noticed what Psycho Serum is doing.

Watch your back, 19LettersLong.

The toilet situation was getting ridiculous so I built a tiny second one.

Psych has a pleasant conversation with Rex

hahaha no. You've been in this house since 10AM and already you're living in filth. The negative moodlet with a trash can on it? Yeah, she's sad because the room is dirty.

Lotus is first to turn in, taking the dinosaur room.

Goodnight goon.

19LL happily contemplates his surroundings. He's really cheered up since this morning.

you have got to be kidding me

The clock strikes midnight.

19LL is still perfectly happy being a weirdo in the kitchen.

Rex and Psych seem to be getting along all right. I mean, Psych hasn't yelled at him yet.

Kirby hit the sack in catroom when I took my eye off him. Sorry Kirbs!

Sleep well...

So day 1's over! I've already played day 2, so let's set some goals for days 3 and 4.

-Get someone a job. Lotus can have her science job, but no one else has a job-related lifetime aspiration. Who else should bring the money in, and what should their job be?

-Clean the house. Especially the toilet.

-Get someone a skill point.

-Make a start on Psych's garden.

-Several housemates want to go out. Where should we go first? Should we go with Rex to the Gallery, or Kirby to the Gym, or with Meme to meet new people and maybe make a friend, or with Psycho Serum to try and find a baby to steal from?

Lotus and 19LL don't have any location-related wants right now, but go ahead and suggest places they might like to go! We can always take more than one person out at a time, too.