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Part 4: Bonus Meet the Neighbours

sebzilla posted:


I am so glad you posted this.

Ardeem posted:

The shower situation's going to get pretty dire too if you don't build a second one. (Also your handy sim is going to get SO MANY skill ups fixing all the stuff that breaks for the unlucky one.)

Oh trust me, I know. I took all their money away then cheated them some to build that extra bathroom, but there wasn't enough left over for a second shower. It's first on the list to buy with Lotus's hard-earned pennies

We don't actually have a handy sim! Lotus is rolling some handiness-related wants though so she can fix everything that Psych breaks.

Bonus Update 1: Meet the Neighbours

You see a lot of this when you're editing the neighbourhood.

This is the house for the first three neighbours. You'll notice it's a lot nicer than Goon Manor. This is because I downloaded it from the internet

Who's first?

Why, it's our first signup, Sebzilla!

Here's Seb's traits and aspiration. I wasn't sure how to capture "drummer" in a trait so I just went for Handy. He's a goon, so of course he hates the outdoors.

Our second neighbour is...

SamuraiFoochs! Whether he will be a wacky sitcom-style neighbour remains to be seen. I know you said comfy clothes, Foochs, but I just had to put you in that suit

Here's his traits. Nothing too out-there.

And finally -

It's McOgre! I figured this household needed a woman's touch. Gotta keep the boys in check somehow.

Again, nothing too weird. Her description made her sound like a super-nice person so I made her Good Her aspiration is the same as Generous Rex's.

The happy family.

Goon Street is starting to fill up