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by eating only apples

Part 5: Day 2: This house smells bad.

Day 2: This house smells bad.

It's just past midnight, and Rex goes for the dogroom. There's a joke about his name there somewhere.

He's worn out, but otherwise feeling pretty good! That sleepy moodlet gives him a massive -40 to his mood - sims really don't like being tired.

The new sink goes down really well with 19LettersLong.

I need to put some lights in that bathroom I guess. 19LL is doing great right now, though he's about to get that -40 hit from being tired. Lack of energy hits sims really suddenly - the sleepy moodlet he has right now is neutral and has no effect on his mood, it's kind of a warning I guess before BAM MINUS 40 NOW YOU'RE MISERABLE.

He also got this moodlet from being weird in the kitchen earlier.

Psycho Serum hits the couch.

Fluffy is still alive! No one's fed him yet though. I'm not even sure they do that autonomously...

19LL hits the hay.

Everyone's asleep now. Here's another quick view of the house.

What screenshots don't convey is how fucking boring nighttime is. The fast-forward function isn't quite fast enough, so it's a couple of minutes of waiting for someone to wake up and be interesting.

Psych complies.

He's still pretty worn out. He's gonna have to take another nap later today or he'll be miserable.

The glasses-and-nose moodlet is "Entertained" - it's a step down from the green grinning face, providing a smaller mood boost.

5:30am computer gaming. So unrealistic.

in real life he never would've gone to sleep

Here's Psych's relationship panel. He's not yet friends with anyone, but he seems to be getting on decently with Rex and 19LL. Lotus, off-screen, he is completely neutral to. I don't think they've even interacted.

The work panel.

Skill panel. We'll work on getting him some skills.

Inventory. Obviously, he has nothing but his cellphone and the clothes on his back.

Lots of options on the cellphone.

Services include calling for a maid, a babysitter, pizza delivery, adoption service, and repairman.

The Travel option is how you go on vacation. Also available at a computer.

You can throw parties either at home or at a community lot.

Opportunities pop up periodically. Usually they're on a time limit and are extremely varied. Examples: "Bake cookies for Random Sim." "Stay late at work." "Paint a picture worth $750 and take it to Random Sim in China." That last one appears disproportionately often.

The Lifetime Rewards I mentioned before. There's a full list of them here.

wise fwom your gwave

welcome to your doom

Kirby's Daredevil trait is causing this Want. Could be fun.

He rolls this immediately after getting up.

So I prod him into doing it.

power up!

Kirby returns to his favourite pastime.

Catroom is apparently cat-and-rabbit room. I didn't realise.

it starts

Oh, Meme's awake. Staring at a wall. In her underwear.

Lotus agrees that wallstaring is excellent fun. Look at those dinosaurs

She's so keen to talk to Kirby that she actually cancels out whatever Psych was planning on doing to him. Probably for the best, it's too early in the morning to be yelled at.

People are getting stinky. Psych is the first to notice.




He doesn't look too scared, but she wasn't being very subtle about it.

You'll note they've all moved downstairs. This is because their pathing is particularly bad in small rooms, so they wandered around a bit before finally getting into the position to talk.

good morning!

Well, at least someone found it funny.

Lotus rolls this want. We'll probably do that, since I think it'll fulfill Meme's want to throw a party at the same time. No one knows anyone right now so we need to go out and make some friends!

You want it, you'd better starting bringing in the cash.

Rex is the second housemate to become interested in the guitar. That'll be one of the first things we buy when we have money.

I really like it when Psych interacts with others like a normal human being. Rex seems to be the only housemate he can tolerate. He said himself he has no patience for suckas, but weepy little Rex isn't exactly cool. Maybe Psych just likes when people are impressed by him.

(note: real-life Rex is extremely cool probably

19LL finally drags himself out of bed, not looking particularly happy about it.

Another expensive want

You can see he's got the Too Many People moodlet again, hence his anxiety. I might split the kitchen area and the lounge area into two separate rooms so that the poor guy can have some peace when he's downstairs.


Behind them, Lotus is making breakfast for everyone.

Looks like 19LL might have competition.

He's oblivious.

Rex is totally impressed. Also, crotchmusic?


It was a crank call or something, because Psych just grumbled and hung up. He doesn't know anyone, and there was no Opportunity pop-up, so who knows.


The salad from last night is stinking up the room. Everyone who enters the kitchen gets a negative moodlet and makes disgusted noises.


Rex then checks Lotus out while daydreaming about art. Maybe he wants to paint her.

It's only lunchtime, but Psych's been up for eight hours already, so he catches some z's on Meme's bed.

Another crank call I guess. She was super pissed about it. Thanks to her Inappropriate trait, she's in no hurry to get dressed or anything.


"The fuck d'you want ME to do about it?"

19LL is such a dick.

Lotus vanquishes the mess.

While she's feeling productive...


She's gonna need to get lots of sleep tonight and remember to eat breakfast and shower before she leaves. What are the odds of that happening?


I hear "MUAHAHAHA" from upstairs...

He goes strangely well with the flowery wallpaper.

Meme breaks in the shower. There's no nudity in the Sims, everything is blurred out, making the shower look a bit odd.

Kirby's getting stinky. Everyone is at this point. There's two levels of smell-related moodlets, this and Smelly, which gives a -10. Rex won't ever be bothered by smelling like shit, but everyone else will.

Rex is the first housemate to gain a skill point! He's got a long way to go though.

Kirby is becoming the neat one of the house, rolling another want related to cleaning.

Psych's pathing bugs out and he appeals to a benevolent God for help getting where he wants to go.


Meme pretends to be a yeti. 19LL wants to go in the bathroom, but Kirby's showering, so he just stomps his feet and complains.

serves you right.

Meme is the creepiest sim I've ever seen.

MUAHAHAHA. I can't get enough of Psych's expressions.

Here's some of Meme's mean interactions. Funny thing, she's wanting to be mean about Psych, but targeting 19LL. I'll try one of those out at some point, I wonder if 19LL would be offended on Psych's behalf.

She's a braver woman than I, wanting to make fun of Psycho Serum.

That scare and Psych's laughter have taken all the wind out of poor 19LL's sails.

Psych smells like shit.

19LL took a shower and ended up with this moodlet. It's just not his day. The Clean moodlet, the 6-hour one with the soap, is cancelled out by his rubbish shower. I know the feeling.

Rex is disgusting.

the fuck you say?

He also stinks as bad as Psych. This household is foul.

At least Kirby's feeling good about himself.

But Rex's stench grosses him out.

Thanks to his lack of sleep, Psych isn't feeling so great.

what is with these people and yetis

I guess it makes sense in that context.

Both Kirby and Rex get this moodlet from gossiping about Bigfoot. The Talk about Conspiracies interaction is unique to Kirby's Neurotic trait.

I give up.

Psycho Serum is ready for bed.

That is a massive hit to his mood, not to mention the negative moodlets for living in filth and Rex's foul reek. Actually I'm surprised Psych managed to stay up this long, it's been nearly 18 hours at this point.

He steals Lotus's bed. Hey, just because you claimed a room doesn't mean you're gonna get it!

This is really bad news for Lotus, since it's her first day of work tomorrow.

19LL decides actually he wants the dinosaur room, even though the birdroom is already tagged as belonging to him. I kick him out and put him to bed in his own room, otherwise it'll just be chaos.

Lotus is grossed out, but like hell is she going to do anything about it.


Meme didn't even try to get dressed today.

Lifetime rewards!

See the list here on the Sims Wiki and tell me - what rewards should we be saving up for, and for who? It may take a fair while to even get the cheapest ones, so bear that in mind.

There's no limit to the amount of rewards a sim can have, as long as you've got the points.

I'd be tempted to give Meme the Legendary Host reward - it'd help her throw awesome parties, and is completely right for her personality. Giving slobby Rex the Speedy Cleaner reward, for example, wouldn't really accomplish much.