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Part 6: Day 3: Daytrippin'

Day 3: Daytrippin'

Here's the names of the three vacation destinations. Al Simhara is Egypt. Champs les Sims is obviously France, and Shang Simla is China. China is my favourite, France has a bunch of cool museums and stuff I guess, and I haven't spent a lot of time in Egypt.

Midnight, and Meme is off to bed. Will she get dressed tomorrow?!

The house is filthy. Lotus worries about it, but does nothing.

A reminder that she has to work tomorrow. She'd much rather stay up late playing games. I can identify with that.

Our neighbours are gainfully employed. Seb's gone into Professional Sports, McOgre's in music, and Foochs is gonna be a politician. I... don't quite get these choices, game. Seb is the last sim who should be a sportsman, what with his Couch Potato trait.

Lotus finally catches some sleep.

These guys have weird dreams.

Everyone is approximately this hungry when morning dawns.

Fluffy's probably that hungry too, so it comes as a relief to me when Lotus feeds him.

There are so many disgusting plates lying around. While Rex is perfectly okay to lick them all clean to feed himself, Lotus grabs some leftover waffles from the fridge.

Here's Lotus's carpool!

This guy's not one of her co-workers.

holy crap what a view! No wonder everyone's got the Beautiful Vista moodlet all the time.

There's the new house on the block.


It's the military complex. I don't think the space shuttle is even accessible.

Daaaamn girl you work fast!

This guy's just an EA-made NPC, but she could do worse.

Psych rises late, ready to fight the day.

This is a riveting breakfast conversation I'm sure.

Lotus agrees. She's still not left, breakfast is more important - the carpool will hang around for an hour, and after that she'll have to make her own way to work and take a performance hit for being late.

He's having to eat off his lap because the table is covered in plates.

And flies.

...that's what you're wearing to work?

I can't understand this, I've never seen it happen before. Meme might do things like this, since she often wears inappropriate outfits, but Lotus is pretty sane, so...

Oh that's not good.

Poor Kirby is in a foul mood this morning.

A plate of leftover waffles cheers him up a bit.

Psych's got this moodlet all day now. Bad things are even more likely to happen to him. I expect many breakages.

He rolled this want

I, uh. Okay.

Thanks Kirby!

Kirby is the only one who both recognises that mess = misery and does something about it.

They're not even arguing! They're discussing their favourite foods like normal human beings! This is something of a breakthrough.

is that smoke?


She caught it in time to avoid setting the kitchen on fire. The waffles are basically inedible. Rex will happily chow down on them though.

Off you go, Kirbster.

Scan Room is a Woohooer thing. It'll make him rate everyone in the room's attractiveness. Note to self: show off Woohooer stuff.

Sebzilla's getting involved in shady doings I guess.

Kirby hops in a taxi and isn't that the guy who drove Lotus to work?

Here's the gym. Swanky!

Psych's Unlucky trait and moodlet kick in and he breaks the toilet. It's still useable I think, but it'll make a mess.

I go to check on Kirby real quick and...


Well, here's the gym. There's a pool downstairs too.

Go Kirby, go!

This guy's the only other gymgoer. He's visiting from Egypt.

Well, since Psych and 19LL are getting on so well today, let's send them somewhere.

oh he looks so nervous about asking

Totally no need to worry. Also, no, we don't. But we can make our own fun.

Now they have these swirly blue things over their heads until they split up.

They hop in a taxi too. And there's that guy again. The guy the town employs to drive everyone everywhere.


It's a masterpiece. There's no way I'm selling that.

On the wall it goes.

Lotus rolls this want while she's at work.

I didn't tell her to do anything special, but she could also Work Hard, Take it Easy, Meet Coworkers, Talk to Coworkers, Sleep, Suck Up to Boss, or Perform Experiments. I'll be sure to mix it up every day, maybe she'll like work more eventually.

We haven't seen Meme in a while because this is all she's been doing. Still not dressed.

How's Kirby getting on?

...we should probably just leave him to it.

He doesn't let it get him down though!

That tourist guy is still here. Lookin' good, tourist guy.

Psych and 19LL stand around outside Goonhaus for a while. Psych doesn't need to pee, he's just still pissed off about breaking the toilet.

Hang on, what's that?

...did you guys steal a fucking baby?

McOgre greets Psych. The baby turned out to be her new boyfriend's kid, and both boyfriend and baby left as soon as Psych knocked on the door, so there was no time to steal that candy

Good job, wage monkey.

Goonhaus is boring since only McOgre is in, I guess the other two are at work. Let's split and go to that sweetass park.

Yes, you can buy the park. No, we probably won't ever be able to.

Rex rolls a want with a decent reward. This should be pretty achievable.

And his new painting looks interesting!

I send Lotus straight to bed because she's fucking knackered.

Taximan, take us away.

Kirby's getting on just fine.

Pretty cool park. No babies though.

Psych takes off like a rocket.

Let's just check on KirbyKhan again.


...I guess we're good.

This chick's here too. Starjumps are a legit form of exercise.

Kirby's caught the fitness bug. He is also very stinky.

Can't do anything more 'til tomorrow though, he's worn out.

There's a bar downstairs, as well as a girl lounging by the pool. I send him down there to check it out.


Psych doesn't like this park very much.

So I send him to the nearby cop shop to become our second employed housemate.

19LL doesn't mind being abandoned, he's quite happy.


Kirby's just chillin'. I didn't realise I'd made him so buff.

This guy's hanging around shirtless outside the police station. Don't ask me why. I really couldn't tell you. He usually wears clothes. Psych decides he wants to cause trouble.

Psych, I hate to break it to you, but you're the police. And you know what, I think this guy is too.

It went as well as could be expected.

As you can see, apologising goes against every fibre of Psych's being. So I won't make him do it. There's a few more Woohooer options in there too.

Shirtless guy has something to say.

"I just got a promotion. I'm now your boss. See you tomorrow!"

Psych thinks he's made a friend.

19LL is still perfectly happy. He's putting off returning to the house as long as he can, I think.

Meme's watching Brief Encounter or something.

Kirby introduces himself to this lady, and promptly realises he is desperate to be her friend. Run, Erin.

He's also hyper as hell.

While they're chatting, this pops up. Our first opportunity! Yeah we'll take that! It's too late to do it now, we'll send him down there tomorrow.

The very first thing Erin does is complain about fit people.

Kirby being a massive wuss, he just smiles and nods, which is apparently the reaction she was looking for.

He's all awkward and giggly, it's sort of adorable.

Psych says goodbye to his new friend and gets Taximan to drive him home.


Rex's painting is coming along, Meme's still watching TV, Lotus is sleeping.

I actually kick her out of bed because otherwise she'll be up and about at 2AM.

Kirby's just so happy he got to talk to a girl!

Who's that back there?

Just Sebzilla, lurking in the toilets, thinking about how much fun he's having. Nothing unusual there.

This is finished apparently.

Sure okay. I put a frame on this one.

Psych makes a stop at the Goonhaus, where McOgre is home alone.

He makes a quick trip to the bathroom.

This is the face of an innocent man.


Totally innocent.

He ends up with a rug and a wall light too. I was hoping he'd swipe the shower, but maybe tomorrow night.

He's ravenous, so he raids their fridge too.

McOgre takes objection to this theft.

This guy came home on his own and is miserable again.

Midnight strikes.

Rex has gone to bed and dreams about having a shiny clean house

oh hell that's a giant mood hit. With good reason.

Kirby's on his way into the house, tired and extremely stinky.

We're finally getting somewhere with the cleaning thing