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Part 7: Day 4: Opportunities

Day 4: Opportunities

This is Meme standing in the shower in her underwear whining about being hungry. Don't ask.

Also look at that fucking toilet jesus christ

Kirby's feeling AWESOME. He's still pumped from his workout and won't stop standing around flexing.

The broken toilet is really getting to 19LL.

Oh yeah! While we're with 19LL...

...his real-life counterpart kindly hunted down some hair more suited to him. So there you go. This was free from the EA store and is supposedly Frankenstein hair, but whatever.

Meme ate her disgusting burnt waffles. That icecream carton has been sitting out since, like, day 1.

Kirby's mood nosedives. That's a -40 from the filthy house and a -40 from being ravenously hungry. And in 43 minutes he'll get another -40 from being exhausted! Oh dear.

He rolls this want but I tell him no. Exercise machines are super-expensive and the gym is free.

Meme's gross waffles are good enough for him...

...even though there's a perfectly good, not-even-rotten salad sitting on the counter.

Honestly? I completely forgot this guy was still hanging out at McOgre's, I thought he was in bed.

She's booting him out, anyway.

This cancels whatever is in the queue and forces the sim to leave.

McOgre herself is hanging around outside with some dude who is not her boyfriend. The guy has awesome sideburns!

Dunno where Foochs and Seb are. Well, I mean, Seb's still probably lurking in the gym toilets, but you know.

Where're you going, Psych?

Oh. Feel better?

He heads home, smugly satisfied with his vandalism, and hits the sack. It's 4:30 AM.

A couple of hours later, Rex and Lotus rise in synch. Creepy.

Psych wakes up too, still tired and with only a little time before his carpool arrives.

It's not gonna be a fun day.

No one likes going downstairs any more.

Carpool man arrives. He's gonna take both Lotus and Psycho Serum to work. In the Sims 1, there'd be a separate carpool for each job, leading to traffic jams.

Lotus is really not happy about having to go to work.

Here's what Psych chose as his policeman outfit. Yes, he's barefoot.

I pick this option for Lotus today. It might give her a giant performance boost eventually, or it might not.

This lazy bum is still sleeping, despite his phone ringing and despite worrying like crazy about the faucet.

This lazy bum is also still sleeping, and has rolled this adorable want We're gonna find 19LL love some day, I promise.

If the phone rings with an opportunity and is ignored, the opportunity pops up anyway. So I don't know why they bothered. Anyway this one sounds fun enough and extra money is always good.

Rex spontaneously bursts into tears in the kitchen.

Then gets started on another masterpiece.

Psych rolls this while working. What the hell? Who's Cornelia?

As it happens, Cornelia is the purple-haired lady on the right... who happens to be his boss.

Psycho Serum is literally wishing his boss was dead.

His partner is the shirtless guy from yesterday! Judging by his portrait there, shirtless is how he rolls all the time now. He used to wear a perfectly nice sweater

Nothing special for Psych today, it's his first day after all.

Stinkin' up the place. You're never gonna get a lady like this, 19LL!

...well, maybe you will.

Rex's opportunity is available now, so I send him off to do it.

Kirby's is available all the time, so he might as well give it a go.

He's also got this want, so he can kill two birds with one stone!

Any TV can be used for working out. Radios work too. EXTREEEEME

Rex is gonna need to get a cab, since the art exhibition is way out at the business offices.

what no that's not right

Kirby's feeling a bit fragile today, but he's not fatigued any more. Walk it off, Kirby!

Meme's quite happy to sit and stare.

Rex arrives at his destination.


He heads inside...

...and vanishes.

Sadly, as with jobs, we can't actually follow him inside. Shops are the same, they're just rabbit holes.

He just gets this little progress bar.

Hey, the cash is flowing!

So I buy a second shower. That should help with the stinkiness.

This fucker is still gaming away, smelling foul and starving hungry. I bet he's playing World of Warcraft.

Meme is actually stuck between the sofa and Kirby, haha. She can't move until he moves, so...

...I stop his workout and tell him to go for a jog over here.

Here being the graveyard!

He has a want to visit it, and it's not too far away.

There's some big scary-looking fish in that pond.

Meme decides she didn't want to go anywhere anyway and plays dragons with her hands.

Off he goes.

Rex gets a massive amount of reward points from getting his painting to level 4 - now he has enough to buy one of the lowest-tier rewards. I haven't decided what to give him just yet.

Psych continues to be an asshole.

Rex just comes home of his own free will, not in the mood for exploring the town apparently.

Our jogger makes it.

I thought this looked like fun, so I sent him in to explore. Again, it's just a rabbit hole, but we'll get regular updates about how he's doing down there.

You okay, PSerum?


Rex witnesses Psych's collapse, and bursts into tears.

Go Kirby!

Despite being collapsed on the floor, Rex's crying makes Psych happy.

Lotus is cleaning up some of the gross old newspapers that litter the porch. If we get too many lying around, the newspaper kid will refuse to deliver them. We could cancel the service, but they can be useful sometimes.

What the hell, 19LL?

Some sweet clipping going on there too. Bathroom 2 is clearly too small.

Bathroom 1 is repulsive enough to make Meme almost vomit.

I really wish she'd get dressed.

Just shootin' the shit in the bathroom, why not.

Lotus is way too into her game.

Psych steals Meme's bed. It obviously has an influence on him, since he has lovely dreams about unicorns.

Kirby continues to kick ass in the catacombs.

McOgre is super pretentious apparently.

Our hero emerges unscathed. I am not kidding when I say that there are vicious bears down there. He's lucky to get out without being mauled.

The loot is pretty cool. We can't do anything with them right now since no one can garden, but I'll get Psych started on that tomorrow. I think you need Gardening level 7 to plant Special seeds, maybe more.

the golden jellyfish of love

"Did you see those flies in the kitchen? Gross."

"I love all of God's creatures "


Meme turns her stare to yet another housemate.

Kirby whips up yet another salad. I swear these people can make other food. They just won't.

"Heartbreak is awesome "

When midnight hits, Kirby continues to ignore the disgusting ice cream carton...

...Rex still insists on yakking about art to people who don't care...

...and Kirby spontaneously decides that he wants to hang out with Rex.