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Part 10: Day 7: Toddlers 'n Toilets

Day 7: Toddlers 'n Toilets

Recommended Listening: The Sims Buy Mode 1

A blast from the past for anyone who spent much time with the original game. I prefer its soundtrack to the Sims 3's, though it's probably nostalgia.

Despite the fact that their combined stench would kill an elephant at twenty paces, these two make a vague effort to clean the house.

Kirby's concerned he might have bad breath. Least of your worries, you smelly little bundle of issues.

He brushes once anyway.

As you can see, it's Saturday, which means days off for both Psych and Lotus.


Damn right.

Yeah, every little thing gives a moodlet. If a sim eats garlic, he gets a stinky breath moodlet!

When morning dawns Rex rises, gives me a funny look, and heads downstairs.

Kirby also wakes up. Go back to bed, kid, you've only been asleep a couple of hours...

Oh. Okay.

Issues out the wazoo. Of course nothing's wrong with the sink, but it makes him feel better.

He decides to crash on the sofa instead of heading back to bed, it's like 7am at this point anyway.

uuuuugh I didn't even realise how BAD the cooker was until he opened it Looks like something out of Silent Hill.

oh no

Do we have $104? No.

This is Rex's contribution to the house's income. Good job, champ.

We sell it anyway, because it looks like a blind five-year-old was handed crayons and told to go hog wild.


We're still short the necessary funds, so I head into our Family Inventory, intending to sell that toilet Psych stole from the neighbours. But...

...apparently he's been lining his pockets while at work, as well.

Well we're never going to get any use out of that, and it's worth over $200. Pennies for the pot.

Kirby's awake and tidying up the mouldering newspapers, but he isn't happy about it.

Look, sprouts!

$104 down the drain...

This pseudo-Indiana Jones guy sprints past the house.

Workout time! And is that PSerum on the TV...?

The real Psycho Serum is merrily tending to his plants, despite them wilting at his reek when he comes too close.

They're covered in weeds, but he can't actually weed them yet. I think he needs Gardening level 2 to be able to do that? Either way, they've got to put up with being weedy for the time being. All he can do is water and fertilise them.

Fertiliser is just throwing some food on the plant to see what'll happen. Works best when you've grown the food yourself, but shop-bought does the trick too. It boosts the quality of the resulting plant and its harvest.

Woo, free stuff

Rex is improving? Maybe? I dunno.

Meme vanquishes the trash on the floor. I'm surprised actually, I thought it'd be there way longer.


Oh Meme

19LL, being a massive asshole, smirks and agrees with her.

Kindred fucking spirits, this pair.

Lotus will not let a bouncing, stinking wuss distract her from her reading.

All right!

He's still in a dreadful mood.

C'mon Psych, let's go do something you want to do.

Here's McOgre's boyfriend's house. He's not here, but his mom and kid are!

Bad idea, grandma.

Baby looks on expectantly, awaiting a treat or a cuddle. He has never experienced evil before.

Lady, you shouldn't be letting a baby that age have a wowwipop that size anyway.

Baby has learned that adults cannot be trusted.

Psych is satisfied with his actions today.

Someone call the waaahmbulance.

Grandma of the Year, right there. Let's go home.

Oh for crying out loud. This pair. One minute they're happily chatting away, the next they're at each other's throats.

Meme begs forgiveness.

19LL grants it. This time.

But then he starts going on and on about ~*~my feelings~*~.

"What's that? Sorry, I was just looking for a fuck to give."

Lookin' for love in all the wrong places.

This pops up for Rex, sure we can do that, that's easy. Not like he has a job or friends or anything resembling a prior commitment.

Where are you going

Rightio. Carry on.

She soon gathers a bit of an audience. Psycho Serum fucking loves this shit.

Lotus... not so much.

She looks like she's gonna burst into tears at any moment.

Kirby isn't doing so good either.

Whoa nelly! That's quite a jump.

It's pretty too, it'd go with the wallpaper. But we sell it anyway.

Ambitious as ever, Rex.

Poor Kirby's just standing around fretting. I worry about that guy.

What in the hell is Seb selling?!

Let me interpret this for you: This is Kirby cancelling out "go to bed" with "pass out". He was so close that he even put on his pyjamas.



Gone. G'night Kirby.

I've gotta say, the noise a collapsing sim makes is stupidly funny. thump

19LL is concerned for Kirby's wellbeing.

Psycho Serum... uh, not so much.

It's Sunday. We made it an entire week and no one's died.