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Part 11: Bonus Update: Meet the Neighbours 2

Bonus Update: Meet the Neighbours 2

Yeah I did more neighbours! Just two this time, and with a bit of a theme going on.

The first is...

Triangle Head!

I thought the sandals were kind of cool

Photography is a World Adventures skill that can really only be learned if you go to Egypt. Which is dumb.

Number 2 is...


There was no way to represent your scruff, so you get the soul patch.

Look at that v-neck, what a hipster.

His personality. I forgot to give him a lifetime wish so the game prompted me for it. He's pretty normal, and ended up being quite a bit like Rex, so maybe they'll get on.

They're not a couple, they just live together. If I wasn't terminally lazy I'd've built them a special triangle-shaped house

They live across the street from Foochs and company. We'll pay them a visit soon I'm sure.