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Part 12: Day 8: Just Like Real Life

Ooookay time to forget that that Katy Perry thing exists.

Day 8: Just Like Real Life

Passing out only lasts a short while. Half an hour of sim-time I think, which is about thirty seconds of real time.

I'm purposefully including shots of Fluffy around the place to reassure you that the best family member is still among the living.

It's enough to kill the Exhausted moodlet, but he's still Tired. Go to bed, dumbass.

yeah tell me about it

Grats T. Like McOgre, Triangle goes into music.

Instead of sleeping properly at nighttime, this guy decides to just take a nap. More time for games that way.

Grats TH. This is a business job, by the way. Triangle Head is a coffee girl.

This game can be kinda pretty sometimes.

diamonds are foreveeeer

The dining table is so clogged with plates and that fucking week-old ice cream carton that Meme doesn't even bother.

Waffle status: vile.

Doesn't bother Rex none.

Or maybe it does. He takes a mouthful, goes BLAAARGH and makes this face, then takes another mouthful and does it again. Rex is smart. Maybe the flies are flying into his mouth.

I don't even know.

19LL is like a lovelorn teenager, ice cream for breakfast. Orange-flavoured ice cream I guess.

The trash is full. So instead of taking the trash out like a normal person, he just takes his trash out.

Another random fleeing foreigner. Maybe Leovinus is having a party.

Oh, that's just great. Great job putting your shit in the trashcan, 19LL. You're the best.

let's get out of this horrible place

I don't think we can.

At least she's enthusiastic, after the disaster that was her time at the pool.

Girls take ages to get ready.


Kirby asks Rex along too. Might as well.

fuck you psycho serum

He's thinking about himself, like, "this is entirely my fault "

Let's try a Rex outing.

Here's Lotus. Isn't she nice?

Rex is STOOOKED to be going out with his friends. Well, not friends. People he lives with. Involuntarily.

Hello old pal.

Here's the art gallery! Sharp.

yeah sure looks like an art gallery to me

is that a fucking toilet?

Kirby would rather be at the gym.

every breath you take...

Surprisingly, Meme starts out on the right foot.

She blathers about fitness to him for a while...

...and he almost plaintively responds, like he can't quite believe this is real.

Rex is moved to tears by the exhibition.

Sure as hell doesn't take much to move Rex to tears.

what is going on here

Meet Meme's alluring face.

At least she's trying.

And then Kirby goes and blows it by launching into a lecture about exercising. Dammit Kirby.

This guy is the perfect awkward goon, only he's not fat. This feels wrong.

Meme is gutted

Back at the house: grumpy.

Rex attempts to get chatting to this pregnant blonde lady, but it doesn't go so well.

Meme dives in for a cuddle...

...and is very firmly rebuffed.


I think we just witnessed the death of something beautiful.

Kirby is passive-aggressive about it.

These people have to live together.

Back to the house, and...

jesus mary and joseph.

Yeah, fuck you too.

A nice gesture, at least. But a futile one.

Yeah there probably are fish swimming around in the kitchen.

Meme's hungry face. Not particularly different to her alluring face, really.

Those are some shifty-ass eyes, son.

19LL desperately tries to look on the bright side.

Too little, too late, I think.

Despite them ruining his trip to the gallery, at least Rex is still on speaking terms with everyone

19LL has a mini-breakdown or something.

Kirby has a good old go at fixing the sink, bless him.

"Look at me, I'm 19LettersLong, I'm a genius herp de derp."

"Uncalled for."

I love Psych's sorta "hey now, no need to get aggressive" posture.

In the background, Meme thinks about the most important person in the world.

Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.

19LL just can't pull off the Psycho Serum eyebrows.

Meme is transfixed, it's like having her very own soap opera.

While Psych takes his leave, this asshole stands around fuming to himself for ages.

Rex that's not green because it's fresh...

Dunno how Kirby expects to cook with a sink spraying water all over the countertops, but he'll give it his best shot.

Goon girls sure don't waste any time.

Here's a little example of the proximity in which these people spend their days.

Dear god.

Dear GOD.

Still fuming.


Here's Lotus. Isn't she lovely?

G'night, detectives.

Eugh. Don't ask me.

Rex has not been deterred from hanging out with his good buddy

Wait, what's that want he just rolled?

aw man

Friendships decay remarkably fast, and Rex and 19LL were only just in the friendship area. There's various things we can do to help them keep their friends, that's something for next time.

Kirby somehow manages to burn soaking wet mac and cheese.

I know, Kirbster. I know.

Satisfied with the chaos she's caused today, Satan's daughter slips under her sheets and smiles to herself all night.