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Part 14: Day 10: Panic Stations

Day 10: Panic Stations

oh hey look some people have appeared

also these guys. Quarter I changed your surname because "Goonsir" made me laugh out loud when I saw it, good job Raldan.

Back to the house! It's late and Meme is finally on her way to bed.

Kitchen status: relatively normal.

Ooh, 2am hotdogs!

Finally breakin' in the new grill, who cares that it's the middle of the night.

19LL has a good flipping technique.

oh fuck


goddammit why didn't I put an alarm outside

sssshiiiiitttt it's getting bigger

please hurry

You don't say!

goddammit get away from there you fucking moron

19LL's shrieking or the smell of smoke wakes everyone up, and they all charge outside to flail and scream at the fire.

Rex looks like he's gonna be a hero today!


He's fine guys. He's fine. Not even singed.

hurry up, these people are literally going to kill themselves

Her surname is Gore! I am not reassured!!


"Fire! "

Sims are fucking idiots.

Kirby finally gets it together and helps the fire lady out.

PSerum isn't on fire, but Kirby extinguishes him anyway. Good job, champ.

oh gee thanks

Fire's out. Thank Christ for that.

I really don't know what I would've done if we'd lost one of them, I was panicking the whole time and trying to keep them away from the inferno. Kirby and Rex have no idea how close they came to dying today.

sound advice, thanks

What the hell are you so happy about?! This is your fault! You're grounded.

A second fireman showed up for some reason, too late to be of any assistance.

jesus christ Psycho Serum what the fuck is wrong with you

I think this image sums up Psycho Serum perfectly.

Lotus, stay away from the bad man.


Job roll call:

Quarter can't make up her mind.

Everyone heads back to bed, but Kirby has to be up for work soon, so he doesn't bother. Pleeeease be careful Kirby.

Unfortunately for him, his carpool shows up before he can start cooking, so he goes to work hungry.

At least he picked an appropriate outfit for his first day.

This thing's charred and unusable, by the way. And thus it shall remain.

Here's where Kirby works!

Some of Psych's plants are ready to harvest.

Right you are.

A new coffee table and a stereo to replace the TV.


Here's the portrait-painting interface. The screenshot went missing, but I get Rex to paint a "still life" of Meme. We'll see how that turns out.

Aha, an easy opportunity.

He's in a relatively good mood, and the event is available straight away, so off you go.

Do you even need to ask?


This moodlet is usually only available from eating a rare fruit or Baked Angel Food Cake.

Kirby's first day is going great!

He gets a decent mood boost from it.

At the book store, 19LL accidentally walks into an Awesome Sideburns Club meeting.

Meme gets rid of that vile plate that ended up outside somehow.

Kirby is absolutely exhausted when he gets home and collapses on the couch.

easy peasy.


What this house needs is a huge bright red ridiculously expensive coffee machine.

I notice this pond is right near our house.

Go fish!

Normal people take a cab. Lotus runs.

fish are gross

I thought this would keep her occupied for a while, but then I got a notification saying the pond is too high-level for her

I don't think Argyle Sinclair's opponent was very good


hahaha pistachio. Go talk to her, goon. I wish you guys could hear 19LL mumbling and fretting at the thought of speaking to a girl.

Really? Well, okay.

She just walks away.

Better luck next time, 19LL.

Rex's portrait of Meme is actually looking kind of nice.

Hey! It's that pregnant grumpy chick from the art gallery! Mysteriously unpregnant! Where did she come from?

She just strides over and starts up a conversation with Meme.

PSerum is harvesting.

Pregnant chick is named Hayley. 19LL invites her inside. If that doesn't scare her off, nothing will.


He's rigidly polite to hide his crippling shyness.

Turns out they're compatible!

Super compatible!

Sims with matching traits get an automatic relationship boost. Both 19LL and Hayley are Hopeless Romantics. Signs don't really do much, to the point where I always forget they're there, so our household just has randomly selected ones.

Looks like you're in there, 19LL!

I bet she's dating some jerk who treats her like shit and only wants her for sex, I'd treat her better than that, why do girls always go for the bastards while the nice guys get friendzoned that a good reaction?

Dammit! She's gay.

19LL's romantic escapades are going dramatically poorly.

this isn't super awkward or anything

Lotus doesn't look very happy either.

Meme, on the other hand...


PSerum seems genuinely concerned about Lotus.

"Good day? See any fires, by any chance? Get lots of fires at work, do you?"

He's BFFs with Aziraphale now


Rex and Hayley gossip like a pair of old fishwives, possibly about 19LL.

I give up.

At least someone finds him funny! Amirite?!

Again? After what happened last time?

This is Rex's post-sobbing pouty face. He's such a baby.

i wouldn't

Someone put the stereo on, so everyone gets a big mood boost.

"Hi friend! I'm here! Hello!"

This is dancing, apparently.

And then he stops dead.

Are you feeling the second-hand embarrassment yet?

you guuuuys

19LL is the best housemate.

Psych is so not impressed by all this dancing.

uh oh


Kirby's exhausted by now, so he gets an early night.

And the moment he steps into the lounge...