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Part 15: Day 11: Bonding

Day 11: Bonding

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These guys are still bonding over plants I guess, it's kind of sweet.


Dancing is just as good as sprinkler games for making new friends!

Rex is doing pretty good on the friendship front, actually. I have no idea who that little kid is.

Meme's trying.

Everyone's gone inside, but she's still out here.

Having the time of her life.

That Jared Frio guy really gets around, huh?

Hayley starts yelling at Rex out of nowhere.

It's enough to spoil their new friendship.

A normal person would get a -25, but since Rex is over-emotional everything is worse.

It's gonna take more than that to put him off her.

Rex man you didn't do anything, you don't need to apologise...

...well, whatever.

He decides the best way to win her back is to tell her all about how he nearly died in that fire last night.

And it works

Go home Hayley.


She finally leaves when everyone goes to bed. It's like, take the hint already!

Lotus gets up at like four AM for some reason.

This pair aren't far behind. It's still dark, go back to bed!

is that black mould

People in glass houses, etc.

Kirby leaves for work in a surprisingly good mood. He's hungry, which is why he's pouting, but the army will feed him in a couple of hours.

I like when they eat breakfast together, it's a nice bonding moment.

so lonely

19LL has nothing to do today, so he gets on with cleaning up. For about ten minutes.

The floor is where coffee goes.

PSerum read that book and his boss is pleased. Maybe he won't want her to die any more.

Not creepy at all.

The flies add a certain special something.

Coffee does bad things to a sim.

They head outside to play. I've bought a bunch of group activities over the last few days, nice to see them taking advantage. Despite 19LL's hatred of children and other people, he doesn't hate Meme nearly as much as I thought he would.

Another easy one. Lotus should be getting close to a promotion after this.


This is finished. It's kind of cool actually.

I put it above Psycho Serum's bed. Meme joins the Stern Detective in watching over him as he sleeps.

6 is just not enough.

Kirby's on his way home, and all he wants is to hang out with his New Friend



Here's Meme's relationship panel. She's nowhere near friendly with anyone but Kirby and 19LL.

I bought this thing a while back. 19LL finally tries it out. I'm still a little nervous letting these people near fire.


...well, at least he's not hoverhanding her.

Barely-disguised envy in her eyes.

Another masterpiece, kiddo.

Kirby goes in for another hug!

Lotus is actually socialising, seems the fire pit is attracting her.

please don't poke it too much, you'll anger it

Bonding over their mutual immaturity.

Heartwarming, really.

Psych's plants are coming along great! He's got pockets full of vegetables.

Everyone's outside now. The garden is becoming the hot place to be.



This is the coffee that 19LL laid out this morning, so it's stone cold on top of being stupidly named!

Everyone around the fire gets this moodlet, aww.

Wait, where'd they all go?


Guitars are like magnets. Even Meme's inexpert strumming attracts an audience.

Are you saluting her, or scoping her out?

I buy 19LL another treat. It's also a good group activity.

Rex is dangerously close to falling into the pond and getting all covered in pond weed


fuck marriage

They actually play, it's kind of cool to watch, if you like watching paint dry.

Lotus loses interest really fast, but that doesn't stop 19LL.

Kitchen status: much better.

The late nights are taking their toll; everyone heads to bed early.

Except this guy.

hello lotus

i'm still heeeere

Considering Rex hasn't spoken to this Miraj kid since the day they met, I'm not surprised. It doesn't seem to bother Rex either, since he doesn't roll any wants to hang out with the guy.

I'm not taking any chances with leaving fires burning, put that shit out.

19LL's relationships. Again, nothing much going on, except he's apparently Good Friends with Meme now.

Rex's again, he's buddying up with Kirby a bit now. The turkey moodlet is because he stuffed his damn face and is now super full, he'll get fat if he does that too much.

PSerum has no time for anyone but Aziraphale.

Lotus just has no time for anyone.

Who's that black-haired lady? Who knows! But Lotus likes her better than most of her housemates, so.

Hey congrats McOgre! Our first goon baby! I name him after a cool thread poster who hasn't signed up or posted a sim.

TWINS!? Well, okay! Meis I sure hope you're a lady! I was just guessing by your avatar!

This Rename Newborns option comes with the Extra module of the Story Progression mod, I always have it set to True because the EA-given names are often terrible.

Six of Spades worked

I throw him and Bobbin into this big fancy-ass house along with uh two other people I don't remember.

They're mega-rich because it's like four families' cash combined. I think PSerum will have to pay them a visit...