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Part 16: Bonus Update: Meet the Neighbours 3

Umbilical Lotus posted:

The random lady might be someone I met through work - you can set the work panel to meet and chat with co-workers

She turned out to be the fire lady

Meis posted:

Edit: How long will it take me to grow up? Babies suck. I want to be a kid! Judging by everything else that happens from story progression mod, it'll be like one update

Three days to a toddler, five days I think to a child. We'll be closely following your childhood

Bonus Update: Meet the Neighbours 3

Long overdue, more neighbours! First up is...

...the wonderfully jolly Darkoni!

Then of course he promptly has a little breakdown. You're supposed to be jolly!

Traits, personality, and so on. There was no hair quite like Darkoni's and I opted to keep the beard to make him a bit more individual.

Second on the block is...


Sorry Jimmy. I couldn't for the life of me make a sim that looked remotely like you. I tried my best

Schmoozer is one we haven't seen before - he's super good at flattering people and tends to get on well with his superiors and co-workers. Workaholic does what it says on the tin: he likes to work, he'll never get the Overworked moodlet, and if he misses work he'll be upset. He can also work from home!


Last up this time...


Absent-Minded just means he'll sometimes forget what he was doing. Ambitious makes him yearn for promotions, he'll get a negative moodlet if he goes too long without advancing.

Famous people are rich, right?

This is a proper bachelor house.

They get a fourth housemate that I found in my neighbourhood sim bin, I think that's Brainamp (e: no it's Garbageman I'm pretty sure). And they get a swanky house too, it even has a pool. I'm literally booting EA-made sims out of their homes for goons right now. The Langerak family just upped sticks and left town for some reason!