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Part 18: Day 13: The Crying Game

Day 13: The Crying Game

This is still ongoing, only now 19LL has given up and is just watching Kirby play himself. And yes, he is actually playing, moving both white and black.

PSerum studies Rex's latest masterpiece. What even is it?

Everything's broken again.

Repairman. Available 24 hours a day. Call Sim City 80085.

For real?

Why is your conscience hurting you now, Psych? And he's so irritated about it too!

Well, go on then. Psych has some special mailbox options. He can donate to undermine charities. As much as I hate the Secret Squid Society...

...we're skint. So bye-bye mirror. He's okay with keeping the rest of the stuff he's pinched though.

These guys are all miserable and complaining, so it's time to end the outing.

19LL had the time of his life!

Considering Rex is Easily Impressed... he's not very easily impressed.

The mailbox is a pocket dimension, just the same as Psych's vegetable-filled pockets.

At least he's happy.

They all came home in separate taxis. Thank god taxis are free.

Chariots of Fire shows up just before Kirby, looking like he's about to burst into tears.

Chariots fucking hates this house.

He's pretty good at what he does...

...but he still hates broken showers.

Oh little 19LL, why do you cry?

Chariots is stoked to be leaving.

We should totally befriend this guy. He's cool. I actually tried to get 19LL to chat to him, but he had places to be. Either that or he didn't want to spend a minute longer than necessary in this shithole of a house.

The kitchen's horrid again. 19LL heads to bed, daydreaming about cooking.

Of course at this point it's 4:30am, and our light sleeper is already up and about.

always watching

Kirby reluctantly drags himself out of bed too, his carpool will be here at 6am. Poor dude.

I notice that Psych has this moodlet

Lotus isn't liking today. Today sucks. It's Friday though! Another weekend is near!

Lookin' good.

yeah sure Kirby just leave them there, whatever

I'm just putting this here to irritate KirbyKhan and the other military goons.

I imagine that sim-Kirby and real-Kirby have about the same facial expression right now.

nose deep in a book again.

Psycho Serum hates today too.



Her hair didn't load right. Funny how that's the weirdest thing about this image.

more books

oh dear.

She gets annoyed at him for daring to come into the room while she's spongebathing at the kitchen sink.

He wants her out.

She doesn't even stop. He's blushing. She doesn't care in the slightest.

Goons managin' goons.

This guy is the saddest sim I've ever seen.

Darkoni is our first comic artist!

Hoping to cheer 19LL up, I send him out to finish up that Logic opportunity he got.

Jim's another politician.

Waffleman is in music with Triangle and McOgre.

At least she's washing the dishes and not herself this time.

It's $750.

19LL is finally earning his keep!

This is the science place. Check out that kickin' rad biodome!

And here's what we can do with it. I haven't actually seen any insects but rest assured when I do, someone will collect them.

A seed!!

Seed GET!

run goon, run



We hit the seed motherload here. He ended up with like, ten of them. We won't know what they are until we Psycho Serum plants them.

Oh wow, that house is getting crowded. Goonhaus 1 now contains McOgre, Leighton, Sam, Rocketlex, Meis, Sebzilla and SamuraiFoochs. I will not be surprised to get a notification telling me that Seb and Foochs have found a new place some time in the near future.

i hope they move together


It sounds like this is really time-sensitive, but actually we have the whole weekend to get it done.

Let's go check in on the newlyweds and babies.

They're in their formal gear because they've come straight from the wedding. I think they're actually supposed to be having a party right now.

Some top-quality parenting going on here.

Seb, you're gonna be the worst dad.

The worst dad.

Poor Rocketlex

19LL can't even do anything about the screaming newborn lying abandoned on the floor because he's not buddies with McOgre.

Since he hates kids, he wouldn't want to anyway! He has a couple of special options also. I don't know how "god I hate your fucking baby" counts as being Friendly, but okay.

Poor PSerum is sad

Meme's not even angry, she's just pulling this face.

Thank god Leighton isn't a terrible father.

McOgre holds Meis like a sack of potatoes and yells at 19LL about music.

I don't like this family, you guys

I do a bit of remodelling and install something we don't really need...

...because PSerum wants it and I feel so sorry for him. Look at that face

Go buy your bubble bath.

You can see that his veg could bring in a tidy penny. I haven't decided whether to sell them or cook with them yet.

The bath goes down well. Kirby's in there within a minute.

That's some damn expensive bubble bath.

This doesn't look so evil.

In fact it looks... really nice.

Be right back, having a bubble bath.

This'll give him the same moodlet as Kirby's smoking freaking out.

There is no smiley that could possibly sum up how freakin' ADORABLE this is.

19LL status: still miserable.

Kirby's literally crying in the corner. For no reason. Jesus Christ.

Have a damn coffee and cheer up.

Not even the hipsteriest hipster could straight-faced order a double strawberry non-fat frothiccino with banana sprinkles.

The damn thing just sprayed steam right into his face.

Off to hospital we go.

he's fine


It's pretty rad too, but I'm not passing up that kind of money.

Just a normal evening.

Nothing could make PSerum angry now.

And Rex finally earns enough to get the Fast Learner reward!

No one else has any rewards yet. Actually no one even has 5000 points yet except 19LL, who has 7000. I don't understand how Rex managed to get so many.

Go Darkoni!

Look! I'm dancin'!

And then he just... stopped. And did this. Like he knew I was watching him.

oh man today is so sad

A dance soon cheers him up though!


Meme is just one of those people. She's annoying as hell, but everyone wants to hang out with her.

he's in a much better mood now.

Kirby, on the other hand...


This is the painting that was commissioned. Someone is going to actually pay money for this.

Well, whatever, it'll do.

Catch is quickly becoming the household's game of choice.

This is VJ Alvi. Hanging around outside his house at 10:30pm, as teenagers are wont to do.

I wonder if he's a big enough sucker to accept that... thing... that Rex painted?


Only $200, but better than nothing!

Considering her repertoire consists of waffles and pancakes, this should be interesting.