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Part 19: Day 14: Two Weeks Straight!

Day 14: Two Weeks Straight!

Everyone is sleeping.

So let's go do a thing.

Neighbours! Here's my fellow Britgoons Mr Moon, Hbomb, Wateyad and Pork Lift . Thanks Mr Moon!

This is what the Sim Bin looks like. All of these guys are EA-made. I've never used any of them, though I do like Cross Ginger Man in the centre there.

It's Brainamp!

And Catpain Blackudder!

And Dubsteppin'!

And Quillpaw.

And Tarox and Icedude are here too.

Ten sims, one woman. Our neighbourhood is becoming somewhat of a sausage party. The game likes to keep things balanced, so this means that in all likelihood, any babies born will be girls.

Back to the house. Go go Rex!

oh shit here we go

Let's skip these.

Kirby has a telepathic connection with Wateyad.

Here's the tl;dr. Something definitely went wrong with Quillpaw, Dubsteppin and Catpain.

And then these ones start. And yes, I got a notification for each of these.

There were at least four similar summary popups. I spent the night clicking X's.

Awww. Bad morning.

The phone rings with this. I don't even know where to get pomegranates, but there's no time limit so we can just keep it stored for now.

Counter space is at a premium thanks to the coffee machine.

So I do a bit of remodelling. That corner counter is useless so actually we've only gained one space. But at least it looks nice.

Kirby's in a bad mood today too.

Oh well. More opportunities to befriend Chariots.

I think I just made things weird. Sorry Rarity!

Rex is worried about our dwindling funds.

Kirby's a dick.

Meme is weird...

...and everyone agrees.

There's sort of a queue to get to the waffles this morning. Perhaps telling everyone to eat at the same time isn't such a good idea. Which, of course, is why there's a button for it. On any group meals you can "Call Household to Meal" which puts a "grab a plate" action in everyone's queue.

Family breakfasts are always nice though! The five of them sit together to eat (although the Overlord only consumes souls).

Lotus, of course, is antisocial. I guess she doesn't really have a choice.

Rex is even worse. Just sit on the sofa!

Let's have a girls' day out

Oh you are kidding me.

Everyone's staring, 19LL.

Except Meme.

I'll say.

Get in the bath, stinky.

Oh hey Triangle!

A girls' day out, featuring Psycho Serum.

Rex is super-sweet and enthuses about exercise to Kirby

Why aren't these guys friends yet?

PSerum is flipping his shit because he can't get into the house for some reason.

Nothing's blocking the door, no one's standing in the way, he just can't get in.

So I build a quick back door for him.

Of course, by the time I'm done, his pathing has unfucked itself, so whatever.

Oh no!

Here's Goon Street (also known as Pinochle Point; you can't rename streets, unfortunately) and its occupants. HBomb's merrily heading off to see a show. Looks like the place to be is McOgre's house though - Seb and Foochs are home for once, and it looks like Pork Lift is hanging out there too.

Triangle Head has a gentleman caller, so we won't disturb her!

Let's pay them all a visit.

No Taximan



hahaha she is literally an old lady! Dubsteppin what are you doing!

Here we are. There's Foochs and some lady who isn't his girlfriend!

He comes out to greet us. I think this is the first time we've actually seen him.

oh for fuck's sake not this again

Hi Pork Lift!!

Look at that hair. Let's do something about that.

Here's the Basic options of the Master Controller.

The Advanced options, funnily enough, are much more straightforward.

I really don't know what Total Annihilation is for. I guess Force Kill provides a gravestone and a potential ghost, while Total Annihilation doesn't. Seems a bit excessive though!

First things first, we save and make a new backup save. You do not want to fuck too much with these mods, and if something goes wrong it will really go wrong. I'm not doing anything big, but it's still experimental, and I'm not taking any chances.

It works perfectly, of course.

look at those eyes! Mr Moon what have you done?!

That's better. I forgot I had this hair because for obvious reasons I never use it!

The eyes aren't going anywhere

And here's the new and improved Pork Lift. Maybe one day he can be the mayor of Blue Ridge City SimVille.

PSerum makes a beeline for him.

Meanwhile, Meme is being a bitch to Foochs, who she met thirty seconds ago. This woman has no idea how to be a normal human being, does she?

He's piiiiiissed.

Wait, where's Lotus going?

Dammit woman! You didn't even go inside.


These guys are just standing there giggling awkwardly, ignoring the baby on the floor.

Pork Lift likes his new house!

PSerum is not impressed.

Meme hasn't spoken in a while, but Foochs is still fuming.

Finally Lotus makes a bit of an effort, introducing herself to McOgre, who's probably bemoaning how full her house is right now.

Look at all these people.

I rememberr to give Meme the Legendary Host reward. We'll do a party soon!

Dubsteppin is off on his own. Probably gonna move in with his elderly girlfriend

I got this guy to come hang out too; he shows up looking rather pleased with himself, for once. I hope he's cleaned himself thoroughly.

He could do this to poor little Sam, but doesn't have too many other options. I thought he'd get a negative moodlet or something at least.

Dubsteppin's old lady lover is apparently gathering some kind of harem of young men right now.

This isn't going so well, is it?

What's going on back at the house?

Oh, just the usual.

Hey actually this is looking fairly awesome! We'll keep this for sure, especially since Rex rolled a want to have 5 of his paintings in the house.

More goonbabbies on the way.

19LL is mean to a small child.

haha yeah totally do that!

Oh man, you and what army, kid?

Seriously what the hell.

If anyone can enlighten me on why everyone is CONSTANTLY booing and yelling and thumbs-downing Leighton, please do so.

Foochs bursts into tears.

I wish that redhead woman would move, she's making screenshotting really awkward!

19LL patronises a small child.

It goes just as I expected.

Look at the little guy's face, awwww.

19LL, you're a dick.

The TV broke, probably due to PSerum's unlucky aura or something.

These guys are getting along well enough, even though McOgre stinks.

Seeing Lotus smiling and chatting is kind of lovely, actually.


Wait, isn't that Aziraphale's wife...? What's all this then?!

PSerum and Pork Lift have degenerated into talking about the weather I guess. At least neither of them are bored any more.

Baby status: still floorbabies. Sorry, Rocketlex and Meis

I got PSerum to ask about Pork Lift's gender preference to see what the game would say about a brand-new sim, and also how he would react. It went down just like asking about his day or to join a group, only with no relationship boost and this popup. It's a Friendly action too, so won't be rejected like some flirty questions are.

Too many people! As usual, 19LL is freaking out. Seb's home too. How's your baby, Sebzilla, you neglectful father?

Steal things~

oh my GOD

Is he going for the bed?!

Of course not.

He also nabbed a lamp and a mirror.

That's it. I'm leaving.