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Part 20: Day 15: Party Time

Day 15: Party Time

Hoooly crap what a mess this is. Unperturbed, Foochs soldiers on with his campaign speech, but no one can hear him over Rocketlex's screaming.

It's all a bit too much for poor Pork Lift.

The group disbands. PSerum had a decent time at least

He's hiding away, delighted that people are suffering.

sneaky, PSerum. Sneaky.


what is that face?

This asshole starts cackling about Meme. I think it's time to leave.

More goonlove!

Triangle shows up as our guys are on their way out. It's like 2AM! Why are you here?!


something went wrong here

Even at home the thought of babies is bothering 19LL.

Yay! Meme!

Grrr! Meme!

And then he does exactly the same thing while thinking about Kirby. Manic giggling, shaking his first, snarling and growling.

PSerum has issues.

3AM cereal, best cereal.

The Overlord has reproduced.

Apparently this stuff belongs to the baby.

Hell. Yeah.

Lotus always has this calm, serene expression. It's almost like she's sane.


Meme has a hankerin'.

Foochs and company need an old lady to fix their shit, apparently. She charges less than Chariots though!

19LL is ever hopeful

let's do this

Meme sends out the invites. Lotus is about to pee herself, but can't get off the bed.

Here's the party interface. It conveniently provides popups to say who knows who. I spent ages wondering why it wouldn't let me do this before I realised the clock is 24 hour. A 3AM party is too extreme for sims, apparently.

And here's the guest list. Just a quiet little gathering of friends, acquaintances, and that guy who fixes our things all the time.

hell yeah it will

I'm glad she rolled this, because it's an easy 1000 points. With her Legendary Host reward, all her parties are great. And all the people invited will show up. Usually if you don't know them well enough they won't bother.

Oh Lotus.

Meme's reaction is pretty understandable.

just like real life

this game is so creepy sometimes. I think it's reading the thread.

19LL is not excited about the party.

Meme does her yeti impression again I guess.

Yeah I did think those waffles looked a bit... green.


Despite her poorly-cooked breakfast, Meme's in high spirits today!

It's a pretty normal day really.

Aww hell yeah this is great. That's going in your room, Rex.

Kirby is still insane.

Haha, Quillpaw is dating the Arrested Development reference.

This time he actually is puking. I reckon that toilet is only making things worse.

oh yeah that thing

Absolutely bugfuck crazy.

Well, at least she's socialising.

Let's get the pizza in. These are all the services available to us. Maids are expensive!

Rex is so damn sweet, he goes out of his way to talk about things that other people find interesting.

Kirby, on the other hand... well, he's very concerned about the possibility of yetis.

19LL does not share this concern.

For some reason this just makes Kirby want to hang out with him. Poor Kirby really is a big old bundle of issues. 19LL probably looks sane and normal to him

PSerum is just staying out of it. PLANTS

Kindred spirits, really. Bless 'em.

Chariots is here! ahaha chariots what are you wearing

Hell yeah he has!

Chariots prances into the house and the smell hits him like a truck.

Don't worry, you get used to it after a while.

Rex and Lotus suit up. This is a formal party, after all! Rex kinda looks like he's going to a funeral.

Chariots has problems with Kirby. Well, everyone has problems with Kirby. Kirby has problems with Kirby.

lookin' sharp, Kirbs.

19LL's pants have a go-faster stripe.

Meme puts in an above-average amount of effort.


oh shit it's the fuzz, hide the goods

Pork Lift turns up too and ahaha Mr Moon what did you do

This house is just a fashion disaster right now.

Wateyad and this Stiles guy weren't even invited, but they show up anyway. Fucking gatecrashers.

Pizza's here too!

Rex isn't sure he likes this party

Raldan and Hayley arrive, fashionably late.

i guess he changed his mind. PARTY!

Look stop hanging around on the doorstep and come inside, jesus christ.

Kirby converses with Chariots, Raldan charges in, and Aziraphale is a little confused about what's actually going on, but he's going to try and enjoy it anyway.

PSerum's boss turns up too for some reason. Personally if my employee wanted me dead the last place I'd go is his house.

At least Pork Lift is pleased to see Meme

It's the Bowtie Crew, right here.

Wateyad just points and laughs. Why? Not a clue.

This isn't weird or creepy at all, you guys.

Pork Lift is so cheerful

And also a bit camp.

Meme decides that all this is too much and she'd far prefer to be talking to her real friends.

She also wants to do this though, so let's get it out of the way. We can also see the Woohooer options, all the Woohoo and baby stuff usually isn't there until the relationship is waaaay higher. He'd still reject her right now, but it's there anyway. The Kiss option would be there without the mod, because Meme's Inappropriate so she'll just snog anyone.

I'm lost for words.

yeah you don't say

Going so soon, Chariots?

Well, at least he had fun.

Lotus's inexpert guitar playing draws a massive audience.

Meme really isn't enjoying this whole "socialising with strangers" thing, even if it is Pork Lift. She's desperate for an excuse to get away.

this is silly, you guys are silly

The Britgoons are out of here. Pork Lift is hopeful that there will be a "next time".

Raldan's still here. Dancing alone.

Raldan is fucking weird.

And then he leaves. thank god

PSerum is just shooting the shit with his best buddy.

These guys being friends is awesome. Aziraphale is Good and Friendly and all the nice things; PSerum is the complete opposite... basically Crowley.

Lotus is alone again, but at least the view is nice.

We don't have many guests left.


Rex gets this again, easy money I guess.

Discussing work at a party. PSerum is so cool.

Really I just wanted you guys to see the flamingoes

19LL has holed himself up in the study. TOO MANY PEOPLE!

Cornelia has apparently entered the second trimester in the course of the party, but no one noticed and she hasn't even gone inside so I'm not sure why she's still here.

She leaves with Aziraphale.


Everyone gets this moodlet...

...apart from Meme, who gets a bigger and better one.

Hell of a party, you guys.