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Part 22: Day 17: And wuv... twue wuv...

Day 17: And wuv... twue wuv...

Everyone's in bed but Rex, who is cheerfully eyeing up those mouldy sandwiches.

oh dear

Gonna be a space man

Meme is just napping, she's even fully dressed!

PSerum fucking hates tiny shoes.

Awww. Congrats to dubsteppin and his geriatric girlfriend!

And Waffleman and that redhead from Foochs's house are engaged too. Man, goons work fast.

Someone's gonna be cranky this evening!

It's 3am, but sure, why not.

What Meme wants, Meme gets.

She's a pretty good housemate, if you can ignore the crazy.

Pizza guy is pretty damn chariots of fire himself, but his name is Torgo Pendragon. Mods change my name to Torgo Pendragon thanks in advance

Oh, uh, hey. Hey Kirby.

19LL walked into the room and Meme freaked out, doing a weird little dance and thinking about love.

He gets a bright idea.

...really? Really?!

Yeah I don't even know how this thing works, it's a Woohooer feature but no one ever seems to find anyone attractive, so. In the Sims 2 you could actually pick features that the sim would find attractive - hair colour, glasses, vampires... another cool thing they did away with.

He attempts a flirt. She just shrugs and pretends he's not there. Oh well

Good morning, grumpy-pants. Or grumpy-no-pants.


Lotus grabbed stuff to cook, then pitched a fit about being too hungry.

It's actually kind of cute how happy they both are about pizza. If Lotus didn't have to go to work I would've let them have a girls' day out.

Every single day.

Not that Rex has a one-track mind or anything, but uh...

Whatever makes him happy.

These guys are giving it another shot, I think.

I'm still really surprised they don't totally hate each other, they're so incompatible.

I don't know what this means but it sure sounds like Pork Lift. vv

oh hey

uhhh hey?



I feel voyeuristic.

It completely wiped out 19LL's wants. Kiss Meme, kiss someone, have first romance, have first kiss. All gone.

Well, this is happening, apparently.

Congrats on your new girlfriend, 19LL!

Congrats on your new boyfriend, Meme!

I don't envy either of you.

Meme's hungry so she just leaves. Rex is relieved, he really wants to play on the computer but it would've been awkward.

So they're not actually dating, but they are a Romantic Interest for each other. Early days, I suppose.

First household romance!

Lotus is having a good day too

Go earn your keep, loverboy.

Lotus is having a really good day!

Another addition to the floorbabby crew.

$750 in the pot.



Kirby attempts to be friendly to the one housemate who doesn't actually like anyone.

I dunno what they're yapping about but PSerum has some really strong feelings about it.

Stars are a hot topic today I guess.

Meme gets her dance on.

work it

I... I feel kinda bad for Kirby now Meme is slipping out of his grasp...

That sounds vile.

PSerum reminds us that he is evil.

Kirby's had that opportunity to get fatigued twice for ages now, so I get him going on it.

Lotus is reading! Shocker!

It's actually a Handiness skill book, since she rolled a few wants to learn it after her promotion, and in this household we really need someone who can fix shit.

Dunno what this guy's so happy about but it's pretty adorable.

19LL is really earning his keep today!


Rex painted this... thing. If you squint it looks like a giant mushroom behind a road and a weird red car.

Meme annoys PSerum.

oh seriously?

Chariots can stay at home, Lotus is on the case!

Meme is keen to tell people all about her new love!

haha I did not know Rex could do that and it's adorable.

Inappropriate has the best conversation options though. Psycho Serum has a lot of problems and we should be sympathetic to them right now


Lotus is just kinda stabbing the thing with a screwdriver but I think she knows what she's doing.

Rex's expression really doesn't match what he's saying.

holy cow look at all those points. Kissing Meme was a really big deal.

A vacation is on the cards, so this is a no-brainer.

And I like this one, it's fun to know what other sims are like.

It really unnerves me when PSerum does this. Just stands there cackling and shaking his fist at someone.

Rather him than me.

Psych is being mean again

But he's so darn happy about it!

And then Rex does a little happy dance while thinking about Lotus. No one has ever been that happy about Lotus's existence before!

There's a weird smell and Kirby is worried about it.

Go go Rarity!

Kirby's tired but pumped. Pumped is great because even though his energy is in the red, he's not feeling tired at all! And unlike with a caffeine hit, he can actually sleep while pumped.

I went to see if I could find Rarity and couldn't. Instead I found these guys having a tiff in someone's back garden.

oh my god


Kirby goes to bed, whining about being worn out.

Here's some of the challenges Meme is working towards. They are super useful. Celebrity is a really easy one to get, too - 25 is peanuts.

19LL's journal contains a handy list of the things he's discovered.

Tiny, red, giant star.

Lotus isn't bitter or anything. Honest.

Audience Participation Time!

We can legitimately afford to go on holiday now. Each sim adds $1000 to the cost, but three sims will be more than enough. Time stops while on holiday, so we don't have to worry about the remainder getting up to stuff without us.


1. Where shall we go?

2. Who shall go?

Maximum of three, but if you only care about seeing one particular sim you can vote for them three times. Or two votes for one sim, one for another. Bold your votes. The three housemates with the most votes whenever I decide to end voting will get a three-day trip away!