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Part 23: Day 18: State of the World

sincx posted:

Is this adventure over? But we're just getting started!

Let me answer this question the only way I know how!

Day 18: State of the World

19LL is worried.

He's still adorably happy though, so it's all good.

Dunno what the hell Lotus is dreaming about, but it looks like a nightmare.

I pick this up for PSerum, it seems like the kind of thing he'd get use out of.

And since she's going away, Lotus gets this one to lessen the impact on our bank account.

SBuddha is a doting dad I guess.

Even in the middle of the night, McOgre's house is the Place To Be.

That little blonde girl in the middle is Aziraphale's daughter and I have no clue why she's there. That house is weird.

Jimmy is doing good! All three of these houses are goonhauses. Can you see yourself?

Take the day off, Kirbs. In previous games you could fake being ill to get out of work, which was waaay more fun.


Sorry Kirby, the goon hivemind has ruled that there will be no tomb exploring for you just yet

But at least you get a day off.

oh god

So soppy.

oh no wateyad


Icedude's making friends

That looks painful PSerum.


Kirby is obsessed.

PSerum has turned over a new leaf


Naturally, nothing lasts forever. Or for ten seconds, in this case.

PSerum is reminded why he hates everyone.

for pete's sake you guys


oh christ he's looking right at me

And that's the end of that.

"my back hurts "

This could go on forever.

Oh. Morning.

A visit to loverboy soon cheers her up.

she's so happy it is genuinely really sweet

Can't be stuck in the house all the time! Come on 19LL, show her a good time before she goes away.

Good question.

Now they get these cute little hearts instead of the blue plumbobs.

Oh shit, the fancy restaurant isn't open for another two hours!

Aha. Perfect.

And so reasonably priced, too!

Yes Kirby, that is indeed trash.


Puddin' here is mad at us. Fuck that guy.


I don't care how disgusted you are, clean that shit up, you animal.

The taxi of luuuurve


Hey Lotus?

go to work

She's got a new uniform, and she is rocking it.

Ahhh. The perfect place for a first date.

Okay good.

They both want to do this too. 19LL knows exactly how he wants this date to go. He probably made notes and everything.

It's a rabbithole, of course, so we'll come back when they're done in there.

Rex bumbles off to visit the neighbours.

The Britgoons are all out, for some reason.

Well there's Pork Lift but I couldn't for the life of me find any of the others.


You okay in there, Seb buddy?

"Hey you're that book guy! "

Oh dear.

This is weird already. Dress your fucking child, Sebastian.

Rocketlex is kinda evil-looking.

And his twin sister doesn't even slightly resemble him.

This is Seb's... wife? Girlfriend? She is nothing if not classy.

Rex gets chatting to Seb, if only in the hopes that he'll be allowed to give poor Rarity a cuddle.

The lovebirds are all done.

'kay I'm outta here

It's the cinema! I love that movie!!

Hell. Yeah.

There's no film on for ages, but I'm sure we can find something to do 'til then.

lookin' good pork lift

Back at the house... yup.

Good job Portals!

This sounds like it could be fun times.

Huh. Some interesting options, there.

"well I guess I could make out with Stiles McGraw, but..."

Let's see how this goes down.

Music plays and heart-shaped confetti falls from the sky!

hahaha someone's gonna have to clean that shit up

Well then.

The theatre was really exciting!!!

Grumpyguts disagrees.

These guys are hitting all the milestones!

hahaha really

Wateyad is having a bad day

Hi Rex.

Foochs is home and crying in a corner. What the fuck is wrong with you, man?

Rex tries to cheer him up, at least.

Back to the house, and...

...I'm sure he's fine.

fucks given: 0

Lotus isn't feeling too great either. She really likes pulling this face.

This is a really time-consuming opportunity. That money better be good.

Seb's classy lady took their daughter home, and she is still not very happy.

Moon is on top of the world, though.

As are both the Triangles.

And for good measure, here's weirdo Raldan.

these guys just love their PDAs

Oh hey, check out how close we are to that! Niceee

Finally the movie starts. As you can see, these guys are getting along ridiculously well now.

Oh PSerum is being friendly again

...ooooor maybe not. I missed what happened but uh it clearly wasn't good.

PSerum feels so strongly about key lime pie that he is literally talking over himself. Kirby is bewildered.

yaaay live together.

Well, that's a good sign.

Maybe they will make things Facebook official soon.

And another goonlove blossoms.

Let's do this.

Next stop...


See you there!