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Part 24: Vacation Day 1: En Francais!

Vacation Day 1: En Francais!

Bienvenue à la belle France!

The trio are unceremoniously dumped outside base camp.

Here's the lovely town centre...

...and here's some of the outskirts. There's the museum to the north, and east of it is the winery - er - I mean the nectary. There's a little park to the south. Lots of other places, the map is quite large.

Base camp! Swanky as hell. This is where our three are going to be living for the next few days.

Nice little lounge.

Weird dorm thing.

Whimsical kitchen.

And a bunch of cool as heck double bedrooms. I'll let the gang decide for themselves where they want to sleep, but who'd pick the green dorm over this?

Here's the Adventures board. You check it, and up pops an adventure.

Go for it Meme, let's show them what I mean.

The wants are rolling in already...

...and Lotus only has one thing on her mind.

also she wants to hang out with a French person I guess

PSerum goes for something a little more cultured.

yum yum

Here's an adventure!

Yes, they are all this mysterious at first. Who knows what Gaston wants Meme to do for him. We'll find out.

(spoilers: we won't find out today. Sorry!)

Some nice thoughts going on in their heads. Looks like Meme is missing home already

no, we didn't get here by rocket.

Oh PSerum don't start.

Get out of here, go on.


Yep, in France there's no taxis. Only Vespas.

Hooray! Where are we?



or should I say... Francy.

im so sorry

Velvet ropes mean nothing to Psycho Serum!

The girls are socialising. What are they talking about?

oh for crying out loud, who let her pack the football?

Shoo. You will socialise.

Meme's fine by herself, anyway.


Lotus is really into this whole wine thing.

The winery is pretty quaint.

Looks nice.

ohohoh that's more like it.

First things first, she picks up a cheap bottle.

Jean Luc is stooooked.

What else does he have for sale?

Oh cool



Lotus just buys a few bunches of grapes.

This is what a wine machine looks like.

Shall we take it for a spin?

Grapes go in...

Oh, Lotus.

I'm not sure PSerum is all that impressed by the museum.

Or maybe he is!

Meme's fine.

With the grapes squished to death, we can now get the machine going. Basic is all we can do for now.

She pulls some levers...

...presses some buttons...

...turns the big wheel...

...and walks away.

Yeah, the machine can pretty much do its own thing. It'll take a while though.

She goes to get herself some samples, while a bunch of French ladies stand around looking worried.

Everyone knows wine is best enjoyed in solitude.

This isn't a Rex-style BLAAAAH face, she's actually making gentle "ahhhh"'s of pleasure, so I guess she likes it.

Little Margot wants to be friends!

Well I bet this is out of our budget buuuut okay!

Yeah sure, sugar, whatever

In France, everyone air-kisses.

PSerum appreciates art.


Meme is still at base camp.

Oh, dear. Lotus doesn't want to be friends with Margot any more.

Lotus is self-centred.

She gets three bottles of the stuff! I hope it's good.

She still hasn't gained a skill point in winemaking, so I get her more grapes and also a rack, since evidently this is her new favourite hobby and all.

Hey, what's down there?

Wow! Wine places have nice basements!

what the hell is that

Bored of the museum, PSerum is off somewhere else.


The book shop!

Might as well buy some books, since we're here.

He's pretty good at talking to people.

Two recipe books and an introduction to nectar making.

The town square is pretty nice!

It's even nicer when the house textures load properly

There's a cute little cafe next door to the bookstore, so Psycho Serum heads there next.

Woo Lotus!

Well we've got that under control.

They didn't have any crepes, so PSerum reluctantly chows down on a cheese plate.

that reminds me, i have brie in the fridge, be right back

Meme's really enjoying all these new and exciting mirrors.

Lotus is... ahem, tasting the wine again.

meme's playing with fire.

Meme please don't burn down base camp, thanks in advance

OK let's check out this creepy fucking pink pool thing

No hesitations!

You go girl!

...she goes. The pool bubbles ominously.


Whoah! Sweet loot!

No shit

She emerges, proud of herself for doing this inexplicable thing.

And goes straight back in there in the hopes of finding more cool stuff.

The bubbles slow...



Naw I'm just fuckin' with ya, she didn't drown. No sweet loot this time.

Get your stuff, Lotus, it's getting late.

I'm not sure PSerum is down with this whole "holiday" thing, really.

French cereal

Looks kinda... lonely...

Lotus is dripping puddles all over the winery floor.


His face isn't freakishly deformed, it's the weird lighting. He's quite handsome really. Honest.

talking to girls is hard

Vacation, schmacation. Clothing: optional.

Tomorrow: Meme gets to adventurin'!