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Part 25: Vacation Day 2, Part 1: Meme Croft

Vacation day 2, part 1: Meme Croft

LISTEN: France music

Bit of a Professor Layton feel to it, I think.

I dunno, I think three days' worth of visa is perfectly respectable.

Let's prep for the adventures ahead of us.

I dunno why they run everywhere.

Here's the general store.

This dude's lurking inside. He sells super-special items that can only be bought with Ancient Coins and are also dependent on your visa level.

Inside, Andre is flipping his shit because he can't get to the tent, or something. The store owner couldn't care less.

Here we go. Let's just pick up some stuff and be on our way -

- how could I refuse him? - and then we can...

oh god what

oh goddammit


We buy a tent, some showers-in-a-can, and some dried food. All essential for keeping a sim happy while they're in tombs.

This excites him.

And then he takes off, since he's telepathically linked to the house and knows that it is in pain.

In fact, so does the whole neighbourhood.

They really went above and beyond when coming up with these French surnames, didn't they.

The whooole neighbourhood

Only PSerum and this other guy go inside for the time being, though.

Hello Albert maybe we can be friends--

--or maybe not.

It's a bit of a clusterfuck as ever.

Yeah okay we get it

Mwah! PSerum wants to befriend Albert after all.

Meme popped out, apparently. I find her emerging from a tent looking mighty proud of herself.

"Fire? What fire?"

As Albert leaves, Meme arrives.

She puts in a long-distance call to a special someone

"Yeah there is wine everywhere here, Lotus is trashed, it's great."

me, Adele Durand, at their earliest convenience.

This sounds like fun. PSerum is a cop, he can handle this.

uh I do not think that is a very good idea madam

Our fellow tourists are showing up, including this guy who might've just stepped off the set of the opening of Temple of Doom.

Meme enjoys a rare sleep in a room on her own

oh you are shitting me

This is me evacuating our guys, because...

...this is gonna happen again.

There is a small child there why does no one care

Adrien, you are the worst fireman.

He manages to navigate the crowds of people in this tiny room eventually, with no loss of life.

Should'a done this before. Fuck you, EA.


Everyone's up, obviously. Lotus decides to say hello to Lao Che's henchman here.



Who needs sleep anyway

Mao seems quite upset about this fire thing.

Well, it's morning now anyway.

Lotus is starving hungry, but she's following Mao around like a lost puppy right now.

nooooo ooooone...

plots like Gaston

takes cheap shots like Gaston

plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston

for his marriage we'll soon be celebrating

my what a guy!


There's the place, near the vineyard.

Off she goes in a cloud of smoke!

Lotus is making a friend

And PSerum quite sensibly went back to bed.

I guess this is the place, huh.

No time like the present.

The first room. Suitably ominous. Not much in here...

but some iridium

and strontium and silicon and silver and samarium and

Uh never mind

Get to work.

She's all gung-ho about it, which is a good sign!

I'm not sure this is a great idea though.

Neither is she.

Quit playing with your hands and check this suspicious-looking thing out.

She prods at it for a while...

Ooh it did a thing


Next room isn't much, just a locked door and a pressure plate.

She's feeling brave now, encouraged by her success.

Once she stands on the plate, little lights float over and unlock the door.

News indeed.

Room 3. Bigger than the last.

Ancient coins are good! That's the gold pile on the left of the above image.

Still not comfortable with giving her a pickaxe.


There's gonna be a lot of rubble piles and they're pretty time-consuming, so I won't show them all from now on.

This time the lights drift over to that thing on the wall.

I don't like the look of this

that was the best clip I could find of that bit

But we're all good and the way is clear.

Oh good more rubble

And a door and and a totally innocuous floor marking. Cool.

Well we have a citrine, will that do?

Ugh well better go check this out then

oh. Never mind!

She kinda just wants to leave now. Can't really blame her. She's poking at that weird bit of wall now.


And behind it...

Oh dear.

As she steps over the threshold I hear wailing and sobbing. Oh god! The ghost of that dead guy has come to haunt us!, it's just this asshole above Meme's head. What the hell, dude.

Heart goes in.



Even Meme's impressed by the next room.


We know the drill by now, hop on that pressure plate missy!



Well, time for some adventure gaming. God I hope there isn't a platforming level.

put yer back into it


The biggest room yet.

Statue guy is not impressed with our antics.

Pull that over here...

...another plate materialises...

yup yup we got this

And there's a third plate.

Let's check out another creepy hole first.

All right! A handy little shortcut to the exit.

She's jumping, not levitating.

Well would ya look at that.

Down we go.

What horrors await Meme in the tomb's depths? Find out... next time.